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Our theatre department offers a wide variety of courses, both practical and theoretical. Students may begin by taking intro to film or theatre, courses that require viewing and analyzing performances. These can be followed by an array of practicum courses including acting, directing, make-up, oral interpretation of literature, and creative drama for children.

Our instructors bring a wide array of academic credentials and professional theatrical experience into the classroom. Many continue to perform live in the Twin Cities today. 

Inver HIlls has its own annual  theatrical performances where all are welcome to audition. Former theatre students have gone on to become respected professional actors, designers and theatrical managers in the metro area's theatre community. Opportunities for both the beginner as well as the very experienced give our department an exciting and interconnected atmosphere.

A.F.A., Theatre (60 Credits)

Purpose: This two-year degree program is for students pursuing their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and for students interested in entering the professional theatre world. Students will take 31 credits in general requirements and 29 credits in Theatre or Film Studies.

Program Information: The theatre department is committed to improving student and community awareness and appreciation of theatre. Performance and theatre background and history courses offer a strong foundation for transfer students intent on majoring in theatre, as well as those entering the local theatre community directly. Lecture courses integrate classroom and local theatre experiences. Performance/practicum courses offer an environment where students learn specific techniques they can apply to theatrical endeavors on both the community and professional levels.

Theatre Curriculum (29 credits)

Course Number Title Credits
THTR 1105 Intro to Theatre                                       3cr
THTR 1152 Beginning Acting 3cr
THTR 2153 Advanced Acting 3cr
THTR 1157 Theatre Makeup 3cr
THTR 1161 Theatre Activities1 2cr
THTR 2109 Theatre History I 3cr
THTR 2154 Design for the Theatre 3cr

Choose 9 credits:

THTR/FS 1101
THTR/FS 1103
THTR/FS 1107
THTR/FS 1108

THTR 1158
THTR 1161
THTR 1185

COMM 2210

ENG 2253

MUSC 1105
MUSC 2105
MUSC 1107
MUSC 1132
MUSC 1144

Intro to Film (3cr)
International Cinema (3cr)
Film History I (3cr)
Film History II (3cr)

Creative Drama (3cr)
Theatre Activities (1-2cr)
Directing/Acting Practicum (2cr)

Oral Interpretation of Literature (2cr)

Shakespeare (3cr)

IHCC Choir (1cr)
IHCC Choir (2cr)
Beginning Class Voice (3cr)
Applied Voice (2cr)
Broadway Musicals (3cr)

Total Credits: 29

MnTC Curriculum (31 credits):

Complete all ten areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), including all courses listed. Additional credits to meet the 40 credit MnTC are fulfilled through the program requirements above. A course may satisfy more than one MnTC emphasis area, but the credits may be counted only once.

Course Number Title Courses
1Course is one credit; must be taken at least twice.

ENG 1108

ENG 111 or ENG 1114

COMM 1110


GOAL 1 MnTC Fulfillment, Communications


GOAL 2 MnTC Fulfillment, Critical Thinking

incl. above
Biological Science

Physical Science
GOAL 3 MnTC Fulfillment, Natural Science 2
  GOAL4 MnTC Fulfillment, Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 1



GOAL5 MnTC Fulfillment, History/Social/Behavioral Sciences 3
  GOAL6 MnTC Fulfillment, Humanities/Fine Arts incl. above


GOAL7 MnTC Fulfillment, Human Diversity 1


THTR/FS 1103 International Cinema
GOAL8 MnTC Fulfillment, Global Perspective 1


Journalism 1101 Intro to Mass Media
GOAL9 MnTC Fulfillment, Ethical/Civic Responsibility 1
  GOAL10 MnTC Fulfillment, People & the Environment 1
Total Credits: 31