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IHCC Access Card

Beginning March 2012, all Inver Hills Community College students will receive an IHCC Access Card that will allow you to receive financial aid, refund disbursements and student payroll in a new way. It's fast, secure and convenient.

This is NOT a credit card. This service will give you faster access to your financial aid funds and student payroll, depending on your refund disbursement selection.

Card is mailed to students' homes

Your IHCC Access Card will be mailed by HigherOne to your home address. To avoid any delays, DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CARD.

After receiving your IHCC Access Card, log into the cardholder website at, enter the card number and select the disbursement option that is best for you:

  • Paper check
  • Direct deposit into an existing bank account
  • Open a new checking account with HigherOne -- a OneAccount checking account

The IHCC Access Card is not a credit card. This service is designed to give you faster access to your financial aid funds and/or student payroll, depending on your disbursement selection.

The IHCC Access Card will be issued to all Inver Hills students through a partnership between the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Inver Hills Community College and Higher One, a financial services company serving colleges and universities across the country.

Please visit the IHCC Access Card website, HigherOne or contact the Business Office at 651-450-3503 for more information.

Questions about disbursements

What is a disbursement?

The college disburses money to students for a variety of reasons including dropping a course, third party funding, refunding prepayments, student payroll and financial aid. A financial aid overage occurs when your financial aid has been awarded and there is leftover financial aid money after your tuition and fees have been paid. All financial aid is first applied to your tuition account, but then any excess is disbursed to you.

Previously, disbursements were distributed by Inver Hills Community College to students by printed check or were deposited directly into a student's checking account. Disbursements will now be distributed to students through the method you select through your IHCC Access Card.

(Please remember that financial aid funds are provided to students on the assumption that you will complete the semester. If a student withdraws, federal regulations require Inver Hills Community College to administer refund calculations which prorates awards based on last day of attendance. These calculations require un-earned aid to be refunded and students will be billed for any difference.)

When will Inver Hills Community College begin using HigherOne to disburse refunds and student payroll?

March 21, 2012

How will I know when my disbursement has been deposited to my OneAccount?

You will receive an email when your refund has been disbursed. If you selected the OneAccount checking account through HigherOne, the money will be available immediately. If you opted for a paper check or to have the money transferred to an existing checking account, it could take a few days for you to see the money.

You can also check your refund balance online at the IHCC Access Card's website.

How does this new disbursement process benefit students?

Financial aid disbursements were previously issued by paper check and direct deposit into a bank account. This method resulted in a long wait for students because the majority of students chose to have their disbursements provided through a paper check. Students now have more options for how they receive their disbursements and, depending on the refund disbursement preference, will receive their money faster.

If I use a credit card to pay for tuition and then I am eligible for a refund because I withdraw from classes before the end of the add/drop period, does my refund go onto the IHCC Access Card?

If tuition was paid by credit card online, the refund will be put back onto your credit card. If you pay in person at the Enrollment Center, you will be refunded through your HigherOne Account.

Questions about the IHCC Access Card:

I just received my IHCC Access Card in the mail.  What do I do next?

First, you must select a preference for receiving any disbursements from Inver Hills Community College. In order to do this you must log into the cardholder website at, use the card number to gain authorization, and select a preference for receiving a disbursement. You have three choices for receiving your disbursement. Receive a paper check, enter the money into an existing bank account through direct deposit or open a new OneAccount checking account with HigherOne.

Do I have to activate the IHCC Access Card that was mailed to me?

You do not need to activate the IHCC Access Card, but you do need to select a disbursement option. The IHCC Access Card numbers will give you authorization into the cardholder website to select a preference for how you would like to receive possible disbursements in the future from Inver Hills Community College. You will have three options: paper check sent by mail, have the money transferred to an existing bank account or open a new OneAccount checking account through HigherOne.

What will happen if I don't select a disbursement preference with my IHCC Access Card?

If you have not selected a disbursement preference through your IHCC Access Card and HigherOne has money for you, after 21 days a paper check will be mailed to the address IHCC has on file for you.

I haven't received my card yet, what should I do?

You can use the "Where's My Card" feature in the disbursement selection section on the cardholder website to check if your card has been mailed to you and also to re-order your card, if necessary.

I have already selected my disbursement preference using my IHCC Access Card, how can I update my address with Higher One?

When you change your address through Inver Hills Community College, the college will automatically update your address with HigherOne. You can change your address directly with HigherOne through the cardholder website or by calling HigherOne Customer Care at 1-877-405-8671.

Is the card an active debit card if I chose "transfer to my existing bank account" as my disbursement preference?

No, the card is only an active debit card if you choose to open the OneAccount and make a deposit.

Can I choose my disbursement preference without receiving a card?

No, the card is the key for students to select a disbursement preference. You will need the number that is printed on the card to log into the cardholder website.

Do I have to keep the card if I don't open up the OneAccount?

If you choose not to open the OneAccount, it is still a good idea to hold onto the card in case you want to change your disbursement preference in the future.

Questions about the website:

I forgot my password for the IHCC Access Card's website. How can I get a new one?

Click on "Forgot your password?" at the top of the cardholder website. First provide your email address and then you will be prompted to provide some personal information, as well as your IHCC Access Card number, before your password will be reset.

I forgot my PIN number. How can I reset it?

You can choose a new PIN online. Log into the cardholder website and choose Password/PIN under the profile menu. You will be asked to provide some personal information, as well as your IHCC Access Card number, and to choose a new PIN.

Can I change my current disbursement preference?

Yes, you can change your disbursement preference at any time online. Log into the cardholder website and select "Financial Refunds" from the main menu then "Refund Preferences" to update your disbursement selection.

Will the change to my disbursement preference affect my current refund?

That depends on whether or not the refund has disbursed by HigherOne yet. If it is still pending delivery, your disbursement preference change may go into effect first.

My parents would like to send money to my OneAccount. Where can they get information?

The "Parents" tab on the cardholder website is a convenient way for friends and family to send money to a OneAccount. Sending money is free to the sender and receiver. HigherOne also provides online instructions for how to use Send Money.

Questions about the OneAccount checking account from HigherOne:

What is the OneAccount?

The OneAccount is a free checking account service from HigherOne. Review the OneAccount information online at the IHCC Access Card's website for more details.

Do I have to open a OneAccount or do I have other choices?

You are not required to open a OneAccount. You can choose to have your financial aid disbursement deposited into your current checking or savings account or have a paper check mailed to your home address.

Where can I use the IHCC Access Card?

If you choose to open a OneAccount through HigherOne, you can use the card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. Please be aware that there are fees for PIN-based transactions (see  HigherOne's fee schedule). To avoid fees, select the "credit" option when you are using your card to make a purchase rather than the "debit" option. In most cases, you will be asked to sign a receipt when you make purchases with the card.

Are there any ATM fees?

You will not be charged any fees for using a HigherOne ATM with your IHCC Access Card. However, you will be charged for using another bank's ATM (see HigherOne's fee schedule). To find the nearest ATM, log into the cardholder website and go to the OneAccount Tab and down to "Spend." Under the Heading, "Get Cash," there is a link: "Find the closest Higher One ATM." This link will show you where the closest HigherOne ATM location is to you.

If I am a OneAccount holder and I use my card at another bank's ATM, what are the applicable fees?

HigherOne currently charges $2.50 for foreign ATM fee. You may also incur an additional charge from the bank that operates the ATM.

What is the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from an ATM in one day?

The maximum ATM withdrawn in a single day is $500 (pin-based total).

What is the maximum daily spending limit for the OneCard using Swipe & Sign?

The maximum spending limit for a single day by using Swipe & Sign is $2,500 -- but you can also contact HigherOne Customer Care at 1-877-405-8671 to request an increase to this amount.

Why does HigherOne place maximum daily spending limits on OneAccounts?

The maximum daily spending limits are to protect against fraudulent use of your account.

Every time I use my card at the gas station I am always charged a $.50 fee. Is there a way to avoid this fee?

Yes, the OneAccount is designed to be used for free. You can choose credit to Swipe and Sign and you'll avoid future pin-based transaction fees. When you choose debit and type in your pin, you will be charged a $.50 pin transaction fee, but if you choose credit and sign, you will avoid the fee.

I lost my card but I have to pay my cell phone bill. Is there a way to do it without having access to the card?

Yes, you can send a personal check from your OneAccount, which is a free service, or you can use the online bill pay, which is also free.

What is the cost associated with transferring money from OneAccount to OneAccount?

Nothing, it's free to transfer money from a OneAccount to another OneAccount. The transfer is also immediate.

If I wanted to deposit money into my OneAccount, where can I print a deposit slip?

Deposit Slips can be printed online and are pre-filled with your information. First, log into the cardholder website. Then click on "Customer Service" followed by "Service Requests" and finally "Print Deposit Slip." It can also be found in the OneAccount menu under "Deposit" or "OneAccount Statement."

I have a fraudulent transaction on my account statement, what should I do?

Contact HigherOne Customer Care at 1-877-405-8671 so they can help you right away. You can also dispute transactions online at the cardholder website.

Are there fees associated with the OneAccount Checking Account?

The checking account is designed to be a free checking account with no minimum balance or required deposits (free online bill pay). However, fees can apply to certain types of activities and transactions. See HigherOne's fee schedule for all fees associated with the OneAccount as well as ways to avoid them.

If I select the OneAccount checking account, is there a $.50 fee for purchases made with the IHCC Access Card?

You have two options when making purchases with the IHCC Access Card: selecting "credit" or "debit." Both options draw money from your OneAccount checking account. When you select the credit option, you will be asked to sign instead of entering a PIN. By selecting the credit option, you will not be charged the $.50 PIN transaction fee. Purchases made using the debit option will be subject to the $.50 PIN transaction fee.

Can I overdraft the OneAccount Checking account?

Yes, the OneAccount checking account operates like any other checking account and you can overdraft it. There is a $29 fee for the first item and $38 for each additional item when you have spent more money than you have available in your OneAccount.

Where can I go for additional questions that were not covered here?

HigherOne has its own website of Frequently Asked Questions. You can go to the EasyHelp webpage to view these questions or to ask your own question. You can also ask your question in person to staff in the Business Office at Inver Hills or e-mail them at