Inver Hills Community College, located in Minnesota, offers study in the United States of America.

Our Admissions Team will make sure things go smoothly from the moment you decide on Inver Hills as your college destination. They've got answers to all your questions whether you're new to higher education, finishing up your two-year degree, looking to transfer to a four-year school or taking courses for professional development.

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International Student (F-1 Visa) Admissions

Inver Hills Community College is a great option for international (F-1) students. As a member of Minnesota State, Inver Hills provides an affordable option for an exceptional education. Our diverse student body and active campus has multiple options to choose from regarding educational programs, learning options, extracurricular involvement, and personal development. To learn more about Inver Hills, please visit About Inver Hills.

Have more questions about being an F-1 student at Inver Hills? Click here for F-1 FAQs (frequently asked questions).

NOTE: If you are interested in applying to Inver Hills Community College as an F-1 student, please know (1) Inver Hills does not admit F-1 students for any summer semesters, and (2) applicants must follow the F-1 admissions process; do not submit an online application or follow the traditional application process.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: Starts late August

  • May 1st for new (seeking F-1 visa) applicants
  • July 1st for transfer (with active F-1 visa) applicants

Spring Semester: Starts early January

  • October 1st for new (seeking F-1 visa) applicants
  • December 1st for transfer (with active F-1 visa) applicants

Application Steps and Forms

  1. Read the International (F-1 visa) Student Information Guide & Application
  2. Submit completed application and ALL official supporting documents by the deadline to:

    Inver Hills Community College
    Attn: International Admissions
    2500 E. 80th Street
    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
    United States of America (USA)

  3. IMPORTANT: If the student applicant is out of the country but has a local (MN/US) advocate who is communicating on his/her behalf during the application process, the student must also submit an Authorization to Release Student Information form.
    • Decide who (full name and relationship to student) we have permission to discuss information with.
    • Determine what information Admissions/Inver Hills can share. Recommended: minimally check the 2nd box regarding "information related to admissions and demographic information".
    • Sign and date the form (valid for one year).
    • Return to admissions, as soon as possible:

International (F-1) Information Sessions

Interested in learning more about how Inver Hills can help you succeed? Sign up to attend this information session to learn about the resources Inver Hills extends to our international students as they work to attain their educational and career goals.

Helpful F-1 Resources

Additional IHCC Resources

Change of Status Information

Looking to apply for a change of status to an F-1 visa? Please consult the following resources to help you better understand the change of status application process

NOTE: Current B visa (visitor) holders can apply for change of status while currently in the USA, but are NOT eligible to enroll in college courses with a B visa and must wait if/when their change of status to F-1 is approved. Due to current processing time of B to F-1 change of status requests, it is highly recommended that B visa holders leave the USA and apply for an F-1 visa through an embassy in their home country.

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