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Location: College Center

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Inver Hills Community College

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Our Students

Selam Admassu

Hometown: Debre-Zeit, Ethiopia

Area of study: Cultural Anthropology

Activities in college: President of Ethiopian Club, International Club, V.I.B.E., Student Ambassador, Work Study in AdmissionsSelam

Favorite thing about Inver: It is so easy to get involved because there are so many clubs and activities you can do. You will never feel out of place!

Best piece of advice for incoming students:
Be open-minded and join as many clubs as you can, it can help you build up your leadership role.

Where you'll usually find me on campus: The Student Life office and the Green Room!

A little more about Selam: I love to travel and enjoy listening to music. I love outdoor activities and watching movies. I enjoy being with my friends and family.

AJ Janos

Hometown: Farmington, MN.

Area of study: A.A. (pursuing Business Management B.A.).

Activities in college: Student Senate, Student Ambassador,
and Ultimate Frisbee.

Favorite thing about Inver: The people. If you take the time, the relationships you develop will last a lifetime. A.J.

Best piece of  advice for incoming students: Get involved! You will meet awesome people who will be life long friends and will be more likely to succeed.

Where you'll usually find me on campus: Student Life or Student Senate.

A little more about AJ: I think that it would be worth your time to get involved. I take my academics seriously, but having fun is a part of college life too.

Abby Ledvina

Hometown: Green Bay, WI.

AbbyArea of study: Biology.

Activities in college: Student Senate, campus committees, Student Ambassador, volleyball, and Frisbee.

Favorite thing about Inver: Great people and a beautiful campus.

Best piece of advice for incoming students: Get involved. Explore. Take every opportunity to make new friends and get to know your teachers and faculty. Go to Student Life and you can always have fun.

Where you'll usually find me on campus:
Working for the Foundation. Or everywhere!

A little more about Abby: I love to have fun and try new things. Whenever I get the chance, I love to travel. My favorite place to go is Colorado because I can snowboard in the winter and hike in the summer.

Nicole Stoehr

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota.

Area of Study: Generals/Undecided



Activities in college: I'm a work study for Admissions and work study for Rec Sports.

Favorite thing about Inver: The people, being able to have a job on campus, and I also like all the different events that happen. 

Best piece of advice for incoming students: Stay focused, study hard, meet as many people as you can, get involved and have fun!

Where you'll usually find me on campus: 
You will usually find me at my two jobs that I have on campus, which are working for Admissions in the College Center building and working at the Rec Desk in the Activities building.

A little more about Nicole: I love to travel. I enjoy working; I am a busy person so whenever I get the chance I like to relax and watch movies and see my friends. I am a very outgoing person who loves having fun and meeting new people!