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Our Admissions Team will make sure things go smoothly from the moment you decide on Inver Hills as your college destination. They've got answers to all your questions whether you're new to higher education, finishing up your two-year degree, looking to transfer to a four-year school or taking courses for professional development.

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Non-degree Seeking Students

You are a non-degree seeking student if you are planning on taking courses at Inver Hills, but not planning on completing a degree or certification. Whether you are taking a couple of classes to further your knowledge and experience, or planning to take classes to transfer back to your current college or university, we have course options for you.

As a non-degree seeking student you are not eligible for financial aid or veteran's benefits, but you do have access to limited campus services. You may register for a maximum of ten credits per term. Payment plan options are available.

View Enrollment & Registration Steps to view complete step-by-step instructions for enrolling as a non-degree seeking student.

Non-degree Seeking Enrollment & Registration Steps

If you are planning to transfer credits back to your current institution, please verify that the credits will transfer appropriately by checking with the school or using Transferology to explore transfer credit options. After you complete the credits you can request an official transcript be sent to your current institution.

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