Multicultural and Language Clubs

Club name Purpose Advisor contact
Black Student Union To promote awareness of diversity on the campus and to the community. To allow students an opportunity to explore other educational aspects of diversity.

Gregory Colby

CRU- Christian Fellowship

To be a Christian resource to Inver Hills students. We seek to introduce people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and help Christians on campus to grow spiritually. We offer Bible studies, fellowship/fun activities, and service opportunities.

Deanna Green

Ethiopian Student Association

To create a sense of belonging among Ethiopian and Ethiopian American Students, while educating IHCC faculty, staff, and students about the unique history and culture of Ethiopia.

Woubejig Shiferaw

International Student Club

To have International/ Multicultural Students interact with students of diverse cultural backgrounds at IHCC and to bring awareness of the rich, diverse cultures of their countries of origin. 

Woubejig Shiferaw

Muslim Student Association The mission of the Muslim Student Club is to educate the Inver Hills community about the religion of Islam and its culture.

Nicholas Nownes

Somali Student Club

Welcome new Somali students to IHCC and assist with their adjustment to life on campus. We promote awareness and encourage the involvement of the IHCC/Somali community in issues and concerns of the Somali population.

Nicki Bottko
Unidos-Spanish Club

The purpose of the Spanish club is to gather students interested in Spanish cultures and plan activities centered around Spanish cultures.

Javier Salinas Vega