Inver Hills Safety and Security Department ensures safety and security on campus
Safety & Security

The Inver Hills Community College Safety and Security Department is responsible for providing a safe and secure atmosphere for all students, employees and visitors on all property owned, leased or occupied by Inver Hills.

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Campus Security/Request an Escort

  612-430-2002 (Cell)

Anthony Pangal
Director of Campus Safety and Security
  651-583-4933 (Cell)


Safety & Security

Annual Security Report

The college publishes an Annual Security Report that is distributed to all students, prospective and current, staff and faculty. The Student Bulletin announces when the report is available annually, the announcement contains the internet address where the report can be accessed. An annual e-mail is sent notifying all current students and staff when the report is published in October, the e-mail includes a link to the report. Printed copies are available upon request.

The Inver Hills Annual Security Report contains information relative to campus safety and security as prescribed by the Jeanne Clery Act.

Pursuant to the act, the Safety and Security Department monitors criminal activity and publishes a three-year statistical history of select crimes or incidents that occur. The statistics are gathered from the following specific geographic areas:

  1. Campus
  2. Public property adjacent to campus
  3. Non-campus college property


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