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When you're on campus, we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed – whether it's scholarly resources at the library or a beverage in the cafeteria.

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Call 911 if you are in immediate danger

Sexual violence is prohibited
Learn more about resources and policies for preventing and reporting sexual violence on campus.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is prohibited

All of our students and employees deserve an environment that is safe, respectful and supportive. Any harassment, including sexual harassment, is prohibited.

Inver Hills Community College is fully committed to eliminating sexual harassment in all of its forms, and taking action against any individual found responsible for such acts. Inver Hills is proactive in providing training programs and resources to promote awareness and prevention of discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence.

Reporting sexual harassment

We strongly encourage students and employees to report incidents of sexual harassment. All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

Complaints of acts of discrimination or harassment by employees

Laina Carlson, Interim Chief Human Resource Officer
Room 232, Liberal Arts

Complaints of acts of discrimination or harassment by students

Kari Rusch-Curl, Dean of Student Success and Retention
Room 231, College Center

Policies and procedures regarding sexual harassment

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