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Wireless Network

Inver Hills has an extensive wireless network covering all public spaces in and around buildings. The wireless network provides access to the college website, E-services, D2L Brightspace, library resources and the Internet.

Eduroam or ihcc_guest

Two wireless network services are available on campus: eduroam or ihcc_guest.


Eduroam is a secure global wireless access service for the educational and research community. Inver Hills Community College students and employees can use their StarID credentials ( to access Wi-Fi when on campus. Once a device is configured to use eduroam, it can automatically join: open your laptop or phone, and go.

Visitors from other eduroam-participating colleges and universities can access Wi-Fi at Inver Hills Community College using the usernames and passwords from their home institutions.

Instructions for connecting to eduroam, click here.


The ihcc_guest service is intended for guests of Inver Hills Community College who are not members of an eduroam-participating institution. Campus guests who are assigned a temporary username and password may use these credentials to authenticate to the wireless network. Users will need to re-authenticate every day they are connected to ihcc_guest. The ihcc_guest service only provides access to services outside of the Inver Hills network.

The ihcc_guest wireless network DOES NOT PROVIDE ENCRYPTION or other data security measures. If you are using a website that requires a login or manages personal or sensitive data be sure the website is using encryption; the address will start with https://.

Wireless Coverage Map

Areas in red on the illustration below should have a strong wireless signal.

  • Entire Liberal Arts building
  • Entire Business building
  • Entire College Center building
  • Entire Fine Arts building
  • Entire Heritage Hall building
  • Entire Library building
  • Entire Science building
  • Campus Mall from Fine Arts building to Activities building

NOTE: Within each building there may be small isolated areas where the signal does not reach, for example in stairwells. If there isn't a wireless signal where you want to work please let the ITS team know.

wireless coverage

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