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Your StarID is your personal, unique login account provided by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Protect your StarID

NEVER write down or share your StarID password. No one from ITS or any other part of the college or Minnesota State Colleges and Universities should ever need your StarID password. You will frequently be asked for your StarID username. Sharing the username is fine. Sharing the password is not.

The only place you should ever change your StarID password is using the StarID Self Service website at

Type, Don't Click

The StarID system sends messages by email. Those messages will include the StarID Self Service website address. Most email programs will recognize the web address and convert it to a hyperlink to make it easier for you. Hyperlinks embedded in email messages are one of the most common schemes used by hackers to steal personal information. It is best to always type the address of the website when you want to go to sites that have sensitive information like the StarID Self Service, E-services, your online bank, PayPal.

StarID Password Expiration Warning

The StarID system sends out a series of warning messages to advise you that your StarID password will expire soon. The warning is sent so you can change your password before it expires and your access to technology systems is stopped. Below is an image of the message sent by the StarID system. Use the Change Password tool on the StarID Self-service site to change your password.

Sample StarID Password Expiration Warning E-mail Message

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