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Inver Hills Community Colleges Employer Recruiting Guidelines

College Central Network is an on-line platform managed by the Center for Career Development and Community-Based Learning to provide a one-stop shop for employers to share employment, internship and volunteer opportunities with Inver Hills Community College students and alumni.

The website acts as a referral service by permitting employers to post information about current job listings to Inver Hills students and alumni. Employers post online through https://www.collegecentral.com/inverhills/Employer.cfm using a professional email address, phone number and business website that would be typically associated with a legal entity.


All employers must create an account which must be approved by staff at Inver Hills before jobs will be permitted to be posted. For best results to verify company and position information and for students/alumni to search your company and positions, complete all information fields in addition to required information fields.

Employers understand:

  • accounts may be rejected if there is not sufficient evidence provided in the profile to verify that the organization is an established and legitimate company.
  • network marketing, pyramid selling, referral marketing, or multi-level marketing employers or positions will not be approved.
  • responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of student/alumni information, regardless of the source, including College Central Network.
  • they are responsible for compliance with EEO and Affirmative Action principles in recruiting activities.


Posting will remain active for the stated timeframe employers have set (normally no more than 60 days). Once a posting expires, it is the responsibility of the employer to repost it. We reserve the right to refuse individual postings.

The position will not be posted if:

  • The employment opportunity involves on-campus solicitation or on-campus sales.
  • The student is required to purchase, rent, or obtain a line of credit for any type of sales kit or presentation supplies or to pay for training, classes or products such as insurance, as a condition of employment.
  • The student is required to obtain a personal or corporate line of credit.
  • The employment or internship opportunity is contingent upon the student paying a fee for employment or placement services.
  • The posting is for a non-salaried commission-only position.
  • There is not enough information provided in the posting to verify that the organization is an established company.
  • The employment or internship opportunity does not include paid training.
  • The posting is for advertisements for competitions or contests.
  • The employment opportunity resides in a private residence.
  • The employment opportunity resides in a private residence or the main contact information in the posting relates to a personal email, phone and/or address. Only exception would include an arrangement through a service provider with approved employer status. (MCTC)
  • The internship posting does not follow the U.S. Department of Labor’s guidelines as determined by the Fair Labor Standards Act (see Posting Internships below).
  • The company resides outside of Minnesota with virtual opportunities for students. These opportunities usually do not follow the U.S. Department of Labor’s guidelines.
  • The posting is for promotions not related directly to hiring for employment.
  • We ask that postings intended for alumni require no more than five (5) years of work experience within the field.


The Center for Career Development and Community-Based Learning will post internship opportunities that hold the following:

  • Internship consists of structured learning experiences with outlined responsibilities, regular supervision and evaluation process. Outlined responsibilities should relate directly to the students major or career interests.
  • Paid internships must adhere to the guidelines for Posting Positions listed above.
  • Credit bearing internships are coordinated through the appropriate academic program faculty.
  • Unpaid internships with for profit companies must adhere to the U.S. Department of Labor guidelines at http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.pdf and/or National Council of Nonprofits guidance at https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/tools-resources/interns-employee-or-volunteer . Please review before posting.


Third party recruiters are welcomed to post positions for which they are actively recruiting on behalf of their clients.

  • Positions may be full-time, part-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire and the status must be stated.
  • Submissions in which the third party recruiter only promotes their services with the intent of creating a pipeline of future candidates will not be approved.
  • The agency must state they are recruiting for a third party agency.
  • The third party agency must state that it will not charge any fees to students or alumni in the job posting
  • Not disclose job seeker’s information to other employers/organizations without obtaining prior written consent from the job seeker

Inver Hills Community College will not be responsible to anyone who posts, accesses, or uses the job board for any direct/indirect harm, damage, or loss incurred in connection with such use. We cannot claim any responsibility or obligation to assess or determine the suitability of any individual seeking employment, any potential employer, or any potential employment situation. By using the online system to post, retrieve information, or engage in employment activities, the user agrees to the above terms and disclaimer.

Thank you for your cooperation and for seeking Inver Hills students and alumni to fill your hiring needs.

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