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General Application Form
Immunization Form
International Student Application Packet
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Online Application Form
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Late Registration Form
Course Registration and Schedule Change Form
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Transfer Prerequisite Form
Registration for Metro State Psychology Courses
Senior Citizen Registration Form

Financial aid forms

Childcare Application Form and Instructions
Consortium Agreement Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request Form
Financial Aid Appeal-Satisfactory Academic Progress
Minnesota G.I. Bill Program Application Form
Special Circumstances Consideration for Dependent Students
Special Circumstances Consideration for Independent Students
Third Party Payment Form
Work Study Application
Financing Your Education Checklist

Academic records and student-status forms (current/former students)

Academic Renewal Application
Application for Graduation
Authorization to Release Student Information
eTranscript Request Form
Incomplete Grade Request
Independent Study Form
Metro State Psychology 2+2 Dual Admission Form
Personal Data Change Request
Preferred Name Request Form
Reference Request and Student Authorization Form
Student Worker Application
Transcript Request


Appeals relate to your academic or enrollment status at the college. Complaints relate to issues such as unfair or discriminatory treatment. Grade appeals are treated separately.

Appeals are requests for an exception to a college policy or procedure when extenuating circumstances have occurred. It is highly recommended that you meet with a counselor before completing any appeal.

All completed appeals and documentation should be turned into the Enrollment Center in the College Center building or faxed to 651-450-3677.

Determining What Form to Use:

I would like Form You Should Complete Reviewer
A degree requirement waived Course Substitution / Waiver Academic Deans
A transcript review Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
An exception to registration timelines Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
Financial aid Appeal for Enrollment and/or Financial Aid after Suspension Director of Financial Aid
To be readmitted because I was suspended Appeal for Enrollment and/or Financial Aid after Suspension Director of Enrollment
To be admitted to a program (Nursing, EHS, CNT) Student Appeal Form Academic Deans
To drop or withdraw from a course after the deadline Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
To graduate, but do not qualify Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
To receive financial aid after being dismissed Appeal for Enrollment and/or Financial Aid after Suspension Director of Financial Aid
To substitute one course with another Course Substitution / Waiver Academic Deans
Transfer credit that was denied Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
To appeal something else Student Appeal Form Director of Enrollment
To appeal a final course grade Student Grade Appeal Form Academic Deans

File a Complaint

Student Complaint Procedure

A complaint is an informal claim regarding alleged improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment. Any student or group of students may file a complaint concerning any campus issue and discuss it with the appropriate employees or administrators. A complaint may constitute a grievance if the issue is not mutually resolved, and the complaint falls within the description of a grievance.

Informal Student Feedback is used when a student would like voice their issue or concern to the college, without the expectation of a formal action

Student complaints (not related to academic/student status)

Student Complaint Procedures/Form

For complaints about other students or student services, contact Kari Rusch-Curl.

Student Complaint & Grievance

Inver Hills Community College Student Complaint and Grievance Procedure.

Grievance process for online courses and programs

State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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