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Agricultural Pathways

$54,364 Average Starting Salary for AFNR Graduates

94% Placement Rate for MN AFNR Graduates

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Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

Do you want to feed the world? Save the planet? Preserve our air, water, soil and climate for future generations?

Agriculture is the career path that gives you every opportunity to accomplish all of the above. Today’s agriculture includes food, fiber, renewable fuel, natural resources and environmental science.

Whether you want to work in a field, a lab, an office or another setting, there's a huge need for trained professionals. Ag encompasses disciplines, including biology, chemistry, forestry, production, communication, business, accounting, engineering and more. Demand is high and so are salaries.

Why consider a career in AFNR?

  • Average starting salary over $50,000 per year
  • 94% Placement rate for MN AFNR grads
  • Agriculture is Minnesota's second-largest employer of college graduates
  • Industry hires an average of 2,200 positions per month
  • AFNR employs more than one billion people in the world
  • By 2050, we will have over 9 billion people to feed


Inver Hills and CHS are partnering to help students who pursue careers in agriculture, food and natural resources. Apply for the CHS Aspire, Accelerate, Advance! Scholarship for Agriculture Careers.

For more information on ag, food and natural resources career pathways, transfer partners, on-campus projects, internships, scholarships and more, contact:

Kristin Digulio

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