Inver Hills Community College offers high school students the opportunity to earn high school and college credits simultaneously
College for High School Students

Inver Hills offers programs that allow you to earn college credits for free while you are still in high school. As a qualifying high school student, you will be able to seamlessly transfer the credits you earn to nearly any college or university in Minnesota, as well as many others nationwide.

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Mary Jo Gardner

High School Students

Inver Prep

IHCC offers developmental courses taught by high school teachers in the high school classroom. Students who take Inver Prep classes and pass the class with a C or better, are eligible to take college-level courses through the In College program. Tuition, textbooks, equipment and transportation for on campus field trips are provided by the high school. Students qualify for the classes by:

  • Having ACCUPLACER test scores between 227-249 on reading tests
  • Accuplacer math scores will be provided to the high school based on the Math class the high school offers.


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Where Does This Program Take Place?

Students stay in their own high schools to participate in the program and visit Inver Hills Community College for special activities.

Who Will Be Teaching the Courses – a High School Teacher or a College Instructor?

Mainly high school teachers. The Inver Prep program establishes a mentoring system between college instructors and high school teachers, the latter committed to learning the new curriculum and attending professional development. Inver Prep is designed to allow college instructors to provide support to high school teachers.

Cost savings

Inver Prep is free for participating students, which means substantial savings and reduced student debt.

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