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Health Care Management

Courses related to the business, management and policy of health care services, health care technology, and health care financing.

Health Care Management

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Open to all students as an elective, the Medical Terminology course at Inver Hills is recommended if you are considering Nursing as a major or are pursuing a health-related field of study. Coursework presents terminology related to human body systems with an emphasis on term definition, pronunciation and spelling.

Course Descriptions

HCM 1111  Medical Terminology   2.0 cr

Course Outline for HCM 1111

Introduces students to medical terminology, including word elements (roots, combining forms, prefixes and suffixes) and how they are used to build words. Emphasis will be on understanding definitions, correct spelling, proper usage and pronunciation. Students will be able to use terms correctly in medical reports and health care settings. This course provides a foundation for coursework in science and health.

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