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What is an honors contract?

An Honors Program contract allows you to embed an honors experience into an existing Inver Hills course. The contract is a written agreement with a faculty member that specifies honors project expectations.

When you complete an honors project for a given course, you will have the opportunity to share your work at the annual Inver Hills Academic Research Conference. You will also receive an honors designation on your official Inver Hills transcript for the respective course.

You are a good candidate for an honors contract if you:

  • Have a strong academic record
  • Seek a more profound understanding of your course subject matter
  • Want to know how that subject matter can be applied to real-world experiences
  • Wish to present your work at the annual [Inver Hills Academic Research Conference], or similar events

What will you achieve from an honors contract?

  • Increase your scholarship opportunities at Inver Hills and other schools
  • Improve your transfer prospects at competitive four-year colleges and universities
  • Work collaboratively with your instructor
  • Present your original scholarship to a broader audience in a professional manner

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