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Interdisciplinary Studies

Taking courses in Interdisciplinary Studies prepares you for career pursuits in an increasingly multifaceted workplace. As an Interdisciplinary Studies student, you'll get the opportunity complete coursework across a range of academic disciplines while developing a skill set that will serve you well in world of business, academia, the arts, social services, high technology and more.

Interdisciplinary Studies

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New to Inver Hills? Have interests that Don't fit into one box?

The Inver Hills Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers courses that help you succeed in college and build your real-world skills for your future.

  • Take a First Year Experience (FYE) course
  • Plan your educational journey
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Hone your leadership
  • Serve your community

Interdisciplinary Studies courses start you on your journey for the AA and the Individualized Professional Studies degrees, and they earn MnTC credit.

Course Descriptions

INTS 1000  FYE - On Course: First Year Experience   1.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1000

Introduces proven strategies to help students create greater success in college and in life. National research shows that students participating in a student success course achieve their goals to a higher degree than students who do not. Provides an interactive environment for students to identify their motivation and opportunities for personal growth, engage in academic decision making, and explore and utilize campus resources and services. Strongly recommended for all new degree-seeking students. This course fulfills the FYE (First Year Experience) requirement for Goal 2 of the MnTC.

INTS 1010  FYE - Educational Planning and Assessment   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1010

Explores concepts and processes in higher education to help adult learners develop a comprehensive academic plan that encompasses their professional and personal goals. Students will develop educational goals, an individualized degree plan, and analyze knowledge/skills gained from life and work experiences that may translate in to college credit. Prerequisites: Assessment at English 0099 or above. Recommended: Referral from ASAP staff, a counselor, or an advisor. Class Note: Visit the ASAP web site to learn more This course fulfills the FYE (First Year Experience) requirement for Goal 2 of the MnTC.

INTS 1011  Prior Learning Assessment Development   1.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1011

Examines the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process for earning college credit by integrating practical application/knowledge and theory. Students will analyze knowledge and skills gained through work and life experiences and prepare for the completion of a minimum of one PLA, which includes new learning and written documentation to substantiate competence in the subject matter. Prerequisites: CBE1102 or permission of instructor or program director and placement into ENG 0099 or above.

INTS 1080  Medical Dosages   1.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1080

Provides a problem solving approach to the basic understanding of mathematical principles and calculations related to administration of drugs. Includes mathematical conversions using the metric, apothecary and US systems of measure; and mathematical concepts/formulas required to calculate oral, parenteral, and intravenous (IV) orders. Prerequisites: Recommendation based on the IHCC Assessment Inventory of MATH 0940 or higher, or a grade of C or higher in MATH 0820 or MATH 0840 or any college level math course.

INTS 1101  FYE - College Success Strategies   2.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1101

Assists students in successfully making their transition to college. Provides a supportive environment for the critical transition for students. Topics include: higher education culture, campus and community resources, financial and digital literacy, campus technology, academic and career goal setting, communication skills, time management and academic skills. This course is highly recommended for students placing into Read 90. This course fulfills the FYE (First Year Experience) requirement for Goal 2 of the MnTC.

INTS 1102  FYE: Online Learning Success Strategies   2.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1102

Assists students in successfully making their transition to college in the online environment. Topics include navigating the online learning platform, accessing online services, academic goal setting and time management.

INTS 1103  Adults with Disabilities   2.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1103

Explores the various types of disabilities and how they impact the individual, the family unit, and society. A particular emphasis will be placed on understanding the unique behavioral, physical, cultural and psychological issues associated with each type of disability. NOTE: INTS 1103 and HSER 1103 are co-listed; department should be selected at registration. Credit will be given in only one department. Students wanting to fulfill Goal 7 of the MnTC must enroll in INTS 1103.

INTS 1125  Creative Problem Solving   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1125

Provides information and practice to help students become more effective problem solvers in their academic, career, civic, and personal lives. Students will study findings of current problem-solving research and apply them to ethical and international problems. The course will emphasize creativity, team problem solving, and conflict management as well as the technical heuristics of problem-solving, hypothesis testing, and decision-making.

INTS 1140  Human Sexuality   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1140

Presents an interdisciplinary study of human sexuality in a pluralistic society.

INTS 1150  Public Service in Diverse Communities   2.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1150

Prepares students for meaningful careers in public service in an increasingly multicultural American society. This course will examine preconceptions, unconscious bias, and foster understanding of historically disadvantaged populations. Through assigned materials, class meetings, and completion of a comprehensive portfolio, students will critically examine their values, experiences, and behaviors to better understand and compassionately serve diverse communities. This course is recommended to be taken after completing one semester of coursework. It is also recommended to take concurrently with or after completing SOC 1127.

INTS 1185  Special Topics   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1185

This course is a topics course. Please see course section note for a complete course description.

INTS 1400  Leadership Development: A Humanities-Based Approach   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1400

Develops students' knowledge of leadership in culture, history, society, and ethics for their own academic, civic, and professional lives. Students will examine the works of great scholars and leaders in multiple cultures and times--e.g., Plato, Shakespeare, Susan B. Anthony, African Nobel winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, or others--using philosophical, historical, social, political, literary, and other scholarly, cultural, and artistic expressions of their leadership. Students may use leadership positions and training programs in civic, campus, or professional organizations as part of homework and as service learning. Prerequisites: Prereq: Placement into ENG 1108 or completion of both ENG 0099 and READ 0093/0094 with a grade of C or higher.

INTS 1777  The Journey of Love   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 1777

Explores various dimensions of love: biological, psychological, and sociological. The majority of our songs and movies have as a theme something about love. Never before in our culture have we devoted so much time and energy to the topic of love, yet so many are so confused and suffer so much pain around it. This is a course that will add clarity and understanding toward your comprehension of what love is.

INTS 2250  Issues and Perspectives   3.0 cr

Course Outline for INTS 2250

This course is designed to provide students with an experience which allows them to see the relationship between premise (or viewpoint), data gathering and conclusions. Assigned readings from a variety of authors serves as the basis for the discussion of topical issues selected by each class.

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Why Inver Hills?

Completing your Interdisciplinary Studies course obligations at Inver Hills is smart on several key levels:

  1. You will receive an outstanding education with one-on-one interactions with iInterdisciplinary Studies faculty
  2. You will develop the strong foundation you need to select a career path that best meets your interests
  3. You will save money and continue your academic and professional careers with less student debt *

* On a national scale, student loan debt has mushroomed to $1.2 trillion, which is greater than credit card debt and auto loan debt combined. In Minnesota, the average debt for four-year grads tops $30,000; 70 percent carry a student debt load.

Tuition and fees for one year at Inver Hills costs a little less than $5,300. Compare that to $15,000 to $20,000 at a for-profit college, or $40,000 to $50,000 at a private college or university. You can complete your first two years at Inver getting a topflight education firsthand from Ph.D. instructors and then transfer to a four-year as a junior all while saving thousands of dollars. It's a no-brainer.

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