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The Reading department at Inver Hills offers courses that teach the study and academic skills that will help you succeed in college and your future career. Courses cover topics such as critical reading, reading college texts, and college reading and writing.


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Reading is crucial

Here are 11 reasons why

  • Reading is fundamental to your success in society.
  • Reading is your most valuable skill in any career.
  • Reading develops your mind.
  • Reading leads you to discover new things.
  • Reading launches your imagination.
  • Reading sparks your creative side.
  • Reading defines your self-image.
  • Reading improves your vocabulary and spelling.
  • Reading brings you great ideas.
  • Reading is your hallmark of freedom.
  • Reading is about words, the building blocks of your life.
Course Descriptions

READ 0090  Introduction to College Reading and Writing   5.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 0090

Introduces the beginning college student to the demands of college reading and writing through the close study of diverse texts and the production of short essays and other academic writing. Includes attention to English grammar in context as needed and explicit instruction in strategies for vocabulary development. Prerequisites: Placement into READ 0090 as recommended by IHCC assessments.

READ 0093  Reading College Texts   3.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 0093

Focuses on developing the reading and study strategies necessary for success in a typical college course. Emphasizes strategies for improving understanding of what is read as well as strategies for selecting, organizing, and remembering. Also encourages wide reading in the content areas through the study of non-fiction trade books. Intended for students who need to improve college-level reading and textbook study.

READ 0094  Reading Workshop   3.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 0094

Challenges students to improve reading comprehension through wide reading of college-level texts across the curriculum. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing a college-level vocabulary, improving reading rate, and expanding background knowledge for college reading. Prerequisites: Placement into READ 0094 as recommended by IHCC assessments or completion of READ 0090 or EAP 0090 with a grade of C or better.

READ 0099  Introduction to Academic Reading   3.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 0099

Introduces students to college reading strategies and purposes. Special attention is paid to vocabulary development, note-taking, and reading comprehension strategies. Prerequisites: Course placement or completion of either READ 0090 or EAP 0090 with a grade of C or higher.

READ 1000  FYE: College Reading and Learning   3.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 1000

Provides the reading and learning strategies that students will need for success in their college-level courses and in their careers. Special attention is given to the various contexts of successful study and personal enrichment, including attitudes, behaviors, and actions of successful individuals.

READ 1100  Introduction to Critical Reading   3.0 cr

Course Outline for READ 1100

Helps students develop informed responses to college-level texts. Gives students practice in analyzing and synthesizing college-level texts to find implied meaning and draw informed conclusions. Intended for students interested in improving higher-level skills in a challenging academic setting.

Learning Communities

Reading faculty actively participate in the college's Learning Communities. Offerings include the following:

Read, Write, Succeed:
Reading 90 and INTS 1101   7 cr

This learning community combines an "Introduction to College Reading and Writing" course and a "College Success Strategies" course. You will develop your reading and writing skills and develop success strategies to help inside and outside of the classroom.

Write Now!:
ENG 1108, ENG 99, and READ 94  10 cr

Are you ready to write, right now? If you placed in English 99/Reading 94 and are motivated, hard-working, and ready to move forward, consider enrolling in Write Now!, an English 1108 learning community. Write Now! is a linked cluster of classes (English 99, Reading 94, and English 1108) in which a small cohort of students who place in English 99/Reading 94 will be able to complete their English 1108 freshman composition course by the end of their first semester. Success in college composition courses often means success in other college classes, so Write Now! allows you to practice the strategies and learn the skills you need while meeting an important requirement of your college program.

The Social Animal:
SOC 1100 and READ 0093  7 cr

Have you ever thought about why wearing a lion costume on Halloween is normal, but wearing it in public any other day of the year will have people giving you strange looks? Or what the purpose is of going to school, besides learning to read, write, and do math?  Or, why owning the most recent iPhone isn't always so cool? These are the kinds of questions that sociologists study. In this LCOM you will discover how sociology can help you understand the society we live in while learning to use effective reading and learning strategies as you read sociology texts. Students in this LCOM also receive additional academic learning support through Structured Learning Assistance.

Culture Club: Hot Topics from Around the Globe:
ENG 99 and READ 94  6 cr

What are the effects of China's one-child policy? How has McDonalds' global outreach affected other countries? How is sex trafficking being stopped in Cambodia? How do different cultures incorporate body art? Come explore these and many other intriguing questions that will expand your understanding of other cultures as well as your own. Improve your reading and writing skills as you navigate your way around the globe.

True Grit: The Secrets of Success:
ENG 99 and READ 94  6 cr

There is a saying that "life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you feel about it." If you believe that, then you believe "grit" — the ability to keep going when things get tough — plays a huge role in success. In this Learning Community, we will study what makes people successful — is it hard work? Attitude? Luck? Motivation? What makes someone keep going in spite of the odds while others give up at the first small set back? You will use what you learn about motivation to help you develop the "grit" you need to be successful in college.

3 MS: Magnificently Minnesota Made:
ENG 1108, ENG 99 and READ 1100  10 cr

Do you love all things Minnesota - the Vikings, Twins, and the Wild, 3M and Medtronic, the corn fields and the apple orchards? Are you someone who enjoys outdoor fun all year 'round - walleye fishing, biking, hunting, skating, skiing, and snowmobiling? For thousands of years, the natural environment of Minnesota, called Mni Sota by the Dakota, has influenced the cultures of the people who live here. This learning community will explore what makes Minnesota special and how the people of Minnesota, from the Dakota and Ojibwe, to the European and American settlers, to the more recent waves of immigrants, all come together to make Minnesota a great place to live. Students will develop essential academic reading and writing skills while exploring their own relationship to our home state.

Meet the Faculty

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Former Faculty

The Reading Department has a long history of student-centered instruction.

The department would like to honor the following faculty who made student success their primary focus over many years.

  • Laurel Watt, Full-Time Instructor, now retired
  • Julie Stenberg, Full-Time Instructor, now retired
  • Melody Sanford, Full-Time Instructor, now retired
  • Kim Elvecrog, Full-Time Instructor, now retired
  • Eleanore Byhre, Part-Time Instructor, now Retired
  • Patrick Chaussee, Part-Time Instructor, now serving the students of Dakota County Technical College
Why Inver Hills?

Completing your Reading course obligations at Inver Hills is smart on several key levels:

  1. You will receive an outstanding education with one-on-one interactions with Reading faculty
  2. You will build the college-level reading skills you need to advance your education and career
  3. You will save money and continue your academic and professional careers with less student debt *

* On a national scale, student loan debt has mushroomed to $1.2 trillion, which is greater than credit card debt and auto loan debt combined. In Minnesota, the average debt for four-year grads tops $30,000; 70 percent carry a student debt load.

Tuition and fees for one year at Inver Hills costs a little less than $5,300. Compare that to $15,000 to $20,000 at a for-profit college, or $40,000 to $50,000 at a private college or university. You can complete your first two years at Inver getting a topflight education firsthand from Ph.D. instructors and then transfer to a four-year as a junior all while saving thousands of dollars. It's a no-brainer.

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