Course Descriptions

Construction Management --- CMSV

Course Descriptions

CMSV 1000  EDU 2008 is cross listed with HSER 2008 of the same section number.   1.0 cr

Provides an overview of the construction industry which introduces the student to the duties and responsibilities of the professional construction manager. Lectures, field trips, and speakers will expose students to the fundamentals of construction techniques and methods employed by professionals in the industry with an emphasis on career opportunities.

CMSV 1101  Introduction to Construction   2.0 cr

Introduces students to construction materials and their methodologies. Topics include construction terminology, materials and their properties, manufacturing processes, construction techniques, and other related topics. This course is intended for students with limited construction experience.

CMSV 1185  Special Topics in Construction Management   cr

This is a topics course.

CMSV 1189  Internship   3.0 cr

Provides the student an opportunity to observe and participate in all aspects of construction management that are typically encountered in the construction workplace.

CMSV 1200  Construction Graphics   3.0 cr

Study of graphic solutions to problems conditioned by traditional and emerging construction document standards. Students will produce construction graphics using computer-assisted processes. The principles of construction graphics are applied to the visualization, communication, and graphical analysis of problems. Introductory 2D documentation will progress into 3D modeling techniques.

CMSV 2100  Soils and Concrete Technology   3.0 cr

Familiarizes students with the history and fundamentals of concrete, admixtures, soils and aggregates. The student will understand the interactions of concrete, weather, and soil conditions; the proper placement of concrete; bearing capacity of soils; and the basic principles of concrete and soil inspection.

CMSV 2860  Building Construction Plan Reading   2.0 cr

Emphasizes symbols used in the production of architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical drawing. Course includes interpretation of drawing details, sections, elevations, floor plans, etc. This course should be of value to students interested in drafting, estimating, construction and building inspections.

CMSV 2870  Construction Management   3.0 cr

Examines estimating, purchasing, bidding, scheduling, coordinating, expediting, and supervising work and dealing with public agencies, the design professions, suppliers, and subcontractors as these activities relate to the operation of a building contracting company.

CMSV 2875  Mechanical and Electrical Systems   4.0 cr

Prepare students to identify, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of building mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The students will explore a variety of systems found typical in both residential and commercial buildings and will have the opportunity to gain detailed knowledge on how systems are designed, constructed, and perform. This course is designed for construction managers, project superintendents, code officials, and other construction related industry professionals. Students completing this course will develop skills that allow them to become familiar with the range of competencies associated with mechanical and electrical systems.

CMSV 2885  Construction Estimating   4.0 cr

Explores the basic techniques and guidelines of estimating. The student will develop skills to prepare cost estimates considering the important aspects of material takeoffs, labor, equipment, and time. Practical, step-by-step cost estimating procedures will be applied to an actual building project.

CMSV 2890  Building Organization & Technology   3.0 cr

Introduces the varied technology that comprise buildings and an exploration into the sequential process of building construction. Theories of building types, functional organizations, and material applications are presented. This course also includes the identification of historic basis for and comparison between basic building materials and construction methods. The importance of building assembly sequences is also presented.

CMSV 2900  Construction Scheduling   3.0 cr

Explores the basic techniques and guidelines of the critical path method (CPM), and the precedence diagramming method (PDM) scheduling. The student will develop skills to prepare construction schedules by considering the important aspects of labor, equipment, and time cost scheduling. Practical step-by-step scheduling techniques will be applied to an actual construction project.