Course Descriptions

History --- HIST

Course Descriptions

HIST 1106  World Civilizations To 1500   4.0 cr

Considers world civilizations from prehistoric roots, to Sumer, Egypt, Assyria, Israel, China and Southeast Asia, India, Greece, Rome, Africa, and Europe to the Renaissance. Topics include political, cultural, religious, economic, intellectual and artistic development across regions and time.

HIST 1107  World Civilizations Since 1500   4.0 cr

Explores world civilizations to the present from the Reformation and Enlightenment in Europe, to Modern East Asia; the rise of transatlantic and transpacific societies to industrial revolution; and from the emergence of nationalism, and the age of ideologies, to the global marketplace.

HIST 1108  Introduction To Latin American History   4.0 cr

Introduces students to Latin American history from before European contact and through the 20th century. Surveys the major historical forces contributing to the development of modern Latin America with an emphasis on the blending of Native American, European, and African cultures of people who have lived, and continue to live, in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

HIST 1114  History Of The United States To 1877   4.0 cr

Surveys the emergence of the American nation from the colonial period to revolution, the early national period Jacksonian Era, sectional conflict, Civil War and reconstruction emphasizing social, political, and intellectual developments reflecting American diversity.

HIST 1115  History Of The United States Since 1865   4.0 cr

Surveys the New South, the industrial revolution, Progressive era, roaring twenties, Great Depression, World Wars, Cold and post-Cold War eras to the present. Emphasizes political, social, economic and intellectual developments in the United States, reflecting American ethnic and cultural diversity.

HIST 1118  Wartime: The Great War To The War On Terror   3.0 cr

Provides a historical study of the cultural, political, economic and military forces and events that shaped the modern age of total war from the origins of World War I through the 21st century War on terror.

HIST 1122  The United States Since 1945: The Consequences of Power   3.0 cr

Examines the United States since 1945, with an emphasis on the rise and fall of the Cold War; arts, entertainment and popular culture; the Civil Rights movement and its legacies; the technological revolution; religious and political revivalism; and international economics and politics.

HIST 1130  Minnesota History   3.0 cr

Examines the historical development of the State of Minnesota, from its prehistoric origins through the territorial period, and to the present. Surveys social, political, economic and geographical forces, with emphasis on the interaction of people and environment, that have shaped Minnesota's history.

HIST 1135  History of Family: A Cross-Cultural Perspective   3.0 cr

Explores the social, political and cultural history of the modern family, emphasizing the transformation in the structure, values and economic basis of family life from the 16th century to the present. Particular attention is placed on the relation between social science, literature and the immigration experience of Africans, Europeans, Asians and Native Americans in the cultural crossroads of colonial to contemporary American history.

HIST 2120  Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Age of Business   3.0 cr

Surveys the political, economic and racial origins and implications of the U.S. Civil War; the rise and fall of Reconstruction; the growth of transportation and industrial economies, Indian removal and resistance; the New South and Populist revolt; the Progressives, urbanization, and the emergence of the modern corporation.

HIST 2125  History of World Religions: Ancient to Modern Time   4.0 cr

Compares and contrasts the history of the values, beliefs and world views associated with world religious faiths, practices and institutions from ancient to contemporary times. Topics include: Views of creation, time and death, good and evil, the relation to art, relation to political power, and role in social and cultural conflict. Prereq: HIST 1106 or HIST 1107 recommended.