Course Descriptions


Course Descriptions

JOUR 1101  Introduction to Mass Media-WRIT   3.0 cr

Introduces students interested in a career in mass media to the historical and current impact of print (newspapers, magazines, books) and electronic (TV, movies, radio, Internet) media. This course will also help students understand and respond to media messages and images. Other topics include advertising, public relations, ethics and First Amendment issues.

JOUR 1125  Journalism Lab   1.0 cr

Focuses on writing, editing and publishing the campus student newspaper. An excellent introduction to practical journalism, this course offers a hands-on approach to reporting, interviewing, news and feature writing, editing, layout, and more. May be repeated to a maximum of four credits.

JOUR 1130  Writing for Mass Media-WRIT   3.0 cr

Provides students an introduction to basic writing practices and standards for various media outlets: newspaper, magazine, radio, TV, and movies. Students will be exposed to research techniques, such as conducting interviews, finding print sources, and using the Internet. Students will also learn organizational patterns for media, such as the inverted pyramid in print media and the storyboard for TV and movies. Students will create at least one longer investigative piece for one of the various media outlets covered in the course. Prereq: ENG 1108 recommended.

JOUR 1189  Journalism Internship   cr

Offers work experience in a mass media field, providing an opportunity for students to further develop their skills. Through practical experience, students will gain additional knowledge of mass media practices, formats and standards. May be repeated once up to a maximum of four credits. Prereq: Permission of journalism instructor.