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Course Descriptions

READ 0090  Introduction to College Reading and Writing   5 cr

Introduces the beginning college student to the demands of college reading and writing through the close study of representative college textbook material and the production of short essays and other informal writing. Includes a review of English grammar and vocabulary development. Intended for students whose college assessment results suggest that further development of reading and writing skills would be beneficial. Prerequisites: Placement into READ 0090 as recommended by IHCC assessments.

READ 0093  Reading College Texts   3 cr

Focuses on developing the reading and study strategies necessary for success in a typical college course. Emphasizes strategies for improving understanding of what is read as well as strategies for selecting, organizing, and remembering. Also encourages development of skills and habits for lifelong learning. Intended for students who need to improve college-level reading and textbook study. Prereq: Placement into READ 0093 as recommended by IHCC assessments or completion of READ 0090 with a grade of C or better.

READ 0094  Reading Workshop   3 cr

Challenges students to improve general and college reading skills through development of fluency and vocabulary. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing a college-level vocabulary, improving reading rate, expanding background knowledge for college reading, and the role of reading in academic, public, and private life. Intended for the student who needs to improve college-level reading skills. Prerequisites: Placement into READ 0094 as recommended by IHCC assessments or completion of READ 0090 or EAP 90 with a grade of C or better.

READ 1100  Introduction to Critical Reading   3 cr

Helps students develop insightful responses to college-level materials including works of fiction and non-fiction. Gives students practice in analyzing and synthesizing texts to find implied meaning and draw informed conclusions. Intended for students interested in improving higher-level skills in a challenging academic setting. Prerequisites: Placement into READ 1100 as recommended by IHCC assessments or completion of READ 0093 or READ 0094 with a grade of C or better.