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Community Health Care Worker

Designed for those interested in an allied health career, the Community Health Worker program prepares people to perform a broad range of human services functions in helping patients manage their health care, understand choices, and obtain services. Community health workers are employed by a variety of community agencies and health care organizations to increase cultural competence, obtain access to health care for the underserved, improve quality of care for the chronically ill, promote healthy communities, and educate families about health care coverage and resources.

Community Health Worker (Certificate)

Academic Advising Plan a PDF document

Purpose: This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in community health and social service agencies. Community health workers provide basic health advising and promotion and link community members to health and social service systems.

Program Information: This certificate provides a blend of didactic and field-based learning that incorporates effective training environments for learners interested in being community health workers. Community health workers act as culture broker between their own community and systems of care. Community health workers perform a broad range of health-related functions and play an important role in bridging the gap between cultures and health care systems. They work with health care organizations to increase cultural competence, improve access to health care for racial and ethnic minorities, improve the quality of care for the chronically ill, promote health communities, and educate families about access to and use of health care coverage. Students complete 17.5 semester credits and will meet all competencies required by the MN Community Health Worker Alliance and prepare them for employment as a community health worker.

Community Health Worker Curriculum (17.5 credits)

Course Number Title Credits
CMHW 1000 The Community Health Worker Role: Advocacy and Outreach 3cr
CMHW 1015 Organization and Resources: Community and Personal Strategies 2cr
CMHW 1025 Community Health Worker's Role in Teaching and Capacity Building 2cr
CMHW 1035 The Community Health Worker: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities 1cr
CMHW 1045 Community Health Worker: Coordination, Documentation, and Reporting 1cr
CMHW 1055 Communication Skills and Cultural Competence 2cr
CMHW 1065 Health Promotion Competencies: Healthy Lifestyles 0.5cr
CMHW 1070 Health Promotion Competencies: Heart Disease and Stroke 0.5cr
CMHW 1075 Health Promotion Competencies: Maternal/Child/Teen 0.5cr
CMHW 1080 Health Promotion Competencies: Diabetes 0.5cr
CMHW 1085 Health Promotion Competencies: Cancer 0.5cr
CMHW 1090 Health Promotion Competencies: Oral Health 0.5cr
CMHW 1095 Health Promotion Competencies: Mental Health 0.5cr

Electives: choose from one of the following (3 credits)

COMM 1110 Public Speaking 3cr
COMM 2240 Intercultural Communication 3cr
HSER 1104 Multicultural Awareness in the Helping Profession 3cr
Total Credits: 17.5