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All human interaction is mediated through communication. In the communication department, our studies focus on developing a greater understanding of the nature of human interaction by exploring how messages are created, transmitted and received through the use of verbal and nonverbal symbols. Courses in the communication department will enhance the range of your communication skills for both personal development and growth, as well as prepare you to communicate effectively in personal relationships and in organizational settings. Courses fulfill transfer curriculum requirements and provide majors with core prerequisites. Majors pursue a wide range of career opportunities including law, teaching, public service, politics, journalism, advertising and many other fields that require good communication skills.

A.A. with emphasis, Communication

(14-15 credits)

Required courses:

Course Number Title Credits
COMM 1100 Interpersonal Communication 3cr
COMM 1110 Public Speaking 3cr
COMM 2230 Small Group Communication 3cr
COMM 2240 Intercultural Communication 3cr
Total Credits:   12

Choose at least one course from the following:

Course Number Title Credits
COMM 1130 Effective Communication in Organizations 3cr
COMM 1150 Computer-Mediated Communication 3cr
COMM 2210 Oral Interpretation 3cr
COMM 2250 Topics in Communication Studies 3cr