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Phone: 651-450-3000
Toll-free: 866-576-0689
Location: College Center


Offers students a background in economics with courses that can be incorporated into four-year degree programs.


The IHCC Economics Department is committed to helping students learn the economics principles necessary to understand our own and other economic systems, to successfully complete upper division coursework in economics and related fields, and to contribute to their communities as informed citizens.


The IHCC Economics Department envisions students who understand the nature of the U.S. and world economies and are prepared to use that understanding to be successful in future coursework, in their work lives, and as participating citizens in a democratic society.

  • Provide multiple opportunities (through the department's courses) to help students successfully complete their educational goals.
  • Encourage student appreciation of the ability of being able to think in the economics way as part of a liberal arts education and as a well-informed citizen in a diverse world.
  • Continually Improve faculty and student understanding and use of effective technologies for learning and work.
  • Participate in college-wide interdisciplinary, student success and retention activities to enhance student success.
  • Encourage faculty participation in local, MnSCU-wide, and profession-wide teaching and learning opportunities to enhance classroom learning.