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The engineering department offerings include general transfer courses appropriate to four-year degrees in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Minnesota State University-Mankato (both Mankato and Twin-Cities programs), St. Cloud State University, and the University of St.Thomas. Students interested in a major in engineering are encouraged to consult with academic advisors/counselors when selecting liberal arts classes. Students interested in transferring to an engineering program outside Minnesota are strongly advised to consult with the engineering faculty, Anand B. Vyas ( about their transfer plans.

A.S., Engineering Fundamentals (60 Credits)

Program Planning Guide a PDF document

Purpose: The Associate in Science degree in Engineering Fundamentals prepares students for transfer to the four year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree program in one of the following engineering disciplines: aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, manufacturing, mechanical, and nuclear. The program covers courses typically offered in freshman and sophomore years of an accredited engineering curriculum in the United States. Students are strongly recommended to keep themselves informed of the rules and requirements related to the major department at the transfer institution (four year college or university where they plan to transfer). Students are advised to use the counseling expertise available via Counseling Center. Academic counselors also provide students with a course plan specific to each engineering discipline listed above.

Core Curriculum (30 credits)

Course Number Title Credits
MATH 1133 Calculus I 5cr
MATH 1134 Calculus II 5cr
MATH 2219 Multivariable Calculus 5cr
MATH 2223 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 5cr

Engineering Specialty Requirement (10 credits minimum)

Choose courses specific to intended engineering major:

Course Number Title Credits
ENGR 1100 Introduction to Engineering I 2cr
ENGR 1101 Introduction to Engineering II 2cr
ENGR 2000 Thermodynamics 4cr
ENGR 2020 Statics 3cr
ENGR 2024 Mechanics of Materials 3cr
ENGR 2025 Dynamics 3cr
ENGR 2041 Linear Circuits I 4cr
ENGR 2042 Linear Circuits II


ENGR 2043 Introduction to Digital Circuits and Logic Design 4cr
ENGR 2250 Special Topics in Engineering 1-3 cr
CHEM 1062 Principles of Chemistry II 5cr
CHEM 2061 Organic Chemistry I 5cr
CHEM 2062 Organic Chemistry II 5cr
CS 1119 Programming with C++ 4cr
Total Credits: 30

Liberal Arts Curriculum (30 Credits)

Course Number Title Credits
ENG 1108 Writing and Research Skills 4cr
COMM 1100 OR
COMM 1110 OR
COMM 2240
Interpersonal Communication OR
Public Speaking OR
Intercultural Communication
PHYS 1081 Calculus Based Physics I 5cr
PHYS 1082 Calculus Based Physics II 5cr
History/Social Science/Behavioral Science (See Goal 5 of MnTC) 3cr
Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature (See Goal 6 of MnTC) 3cr
  (Goals 7-10 of MnTC) 3cr
Liberal Arts Electives (Restricted to MnTC courses) 4cr
Total Credits: 30
Note: Many engineering majors and programs require CHEM 1061 and ECON 1106.  Students may choose these as part of their liberal arts curriculum to strengthen the degree.