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"Love and the Pilgrim"

Love and the Pilgrim (1896-7)-Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones

From Introduction to Academic Writing to Introduction to Literature, and beyond, English courses at Inver Hills prepare students to think critically and write academically about a wide range of topics. Our courses not only meet numerous Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goals, but also help students develop skills in writing that are essential for success in future academic and career endeavors. Students interested in English as a major can easily transfer their coursework to a four-year institution. English majors go on to careers in teaching, advertising, law, journalism, and many other fields that require strong communication skills.

The English Department also offers two areas of AA Emphasis (Literature and Women’s and Gender Studies). A student arts and literary magazine, Accomplices, provides students the chance to share their best work with their peers and the Inver Hills campus. Instructors all possess advanced degrees and bring a wide array of experiences, interests and specialties to the classroom. Several of the faculty members are published authors, and many have also won awards for assessment and teaching.