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Gender and Women Studies
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Gender and Women Studies

Coursework in this department focuses on how gender identity and roles are structured. Students will examine the often invisible assumptions we hold about race, class, gender and heterosexuality, and how these assumptions shape lives. Coursework also examines the economic, political and sociological ramifications of identity shaped by race, class, gender and sexual preference. The department offers a global perspective, examining these issues in both the United States and around the world.

Students can earn an Emphasis in Gender and Women Studies as part of the A.A. Degree.   For example, an A.A. in Psychology or Biology might include an Emphasis in Gender and Women Studies.      Earning an Emphasis is not required to take a Gender and Women Studies class; any student may wish to add courses in this discipline to their academic palette.   The courses all transfer within the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

A.A. with Emphasis, Gender and Women Studies (60 credits)

Program Planning Guide a PDF document

Program Information: This program offers interdisciplinary perspectives on the formation of gender and its intersections with other relations of power, such as sexuality, race, class, nationality, religion and age. Courses prepare students for careers in human services, the media, community organizing and education, among other possibilities.

Note: To earn the A.A. with Emphasis, students need to complete all requirements for a general A.A. degree, incorporating the specific requirements of their chosen emphasis. Careful planning with an academic counselor is strongly advised to tailor the emphasis to meet the requirements of the student’s chosen four-year college or university.

Gender and Women Studies Curriculum
Incorporate the following gender and women studies coursework into the requirements of an AA degree as part of the MnTC or within the elective category.

Course Number    Title Credits
GWS 1000 Introduction to Gender and Women Studies 3cr
GWS 1100 OR
GWS 1200
Gender, Race and American Culture
Women and Global Issues
Choose two additional courses from:
BIOL 1114 Critical Issues in Human Biology 3cr
BIOL 1107 Biology of Women 3cr
ENG 2239 Women in Literature 3cr
PSYC 1140 Psychology of Women 3cr
HSER/INTS 1140 Human Sexuality 3cr
HIST 1135 History of the Family 3cr
GWS 1100 Gender, Race and American Culture 3cr
GWS 1200 Women and Global Issues 3cr
GWS 2100 Constructions of Masculinity and Femininity 3cr

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (40 credits)
Courses from the Gender and Women Studies curriculum may be applied to the MnTC requirements. The specific requirements for the MnTC are outlined as part of the Associate in Arts degree. See A.A. degree requirements section of the catalog.

Electives (18 credits)
Courses from any department numbered 1000 or higher. Courses from the Gender and Women Studies emphasis not applied to the MnTC should be incorporated into the elective category.

Health/Physical Education (2 credits)
The specific requirements for Health/Physical Education are outlined as part of the Associate in Arts degree. See A.A. degree requirements section of the catalog.