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Global Studies

We live in a world that is increasingly made smaller by media, travel, and technology. This shrinking of the world brings together different cultures, beliefs, and value systems on a daily basis and demands that people find ways to work and live together effectively. As a result, society requires a new type of international affairs professional. The Global Studies program strives to give students an understanding of these forces and the effects these dynamics have on citizens and systems.

Courses in this program are designed to expose students to a wide variety of belief systems and perspectives and give them skills for understanding and incorporating this information into their lives in practical ways. This program helps prepare students for transfer into four-year degree programs that focus on international business, global studies, or international affairs, or other career fields that will require students to deal with diverse people and groups such as health care and law enforcement.

A.A. with emphasis, Global Studies (14-16 credits)

To earn the A.A. degree with Emphasis students will need to complete all requirements for a general A.A. degree, including the specific requirements of their chosen emphasis. Careful planning with an academic counselor is strongly advised to tailor any of the emphasis areas to meet the requirements of the student's chosen four-year college or university.

Global Studies Curriculum

Choose one course from the following:
ECON 1102 Survey of World Economy, 2cr
GEOG 1120 Global Economic Geography, 3cr
GS 2204 International Relations and Trade, 3cr

Choose one course from the following:
GS 2202 International Society and Law, 3cr
HIST 1107 World Civilization II, 4cr
HIST 2125 History of World Religions: Ancient to Modern Time, 4cr

Choose two courses from the following:
HUM 1110 The Ancient World to the Renaissance, 3cr
HUM 1111 From the Baroque Period to the Modern World, 3cr
HUM 1120 Chinese Culture I, 3cr
HUM 1121 Chinese Culture II, 3cr
HUM 1130 German Culture and Civilization, 3cr
HUM 1140 Hispanic Cultures and Civilization, 3cr
GS 2203 Doing International Business, 3cr
PHIL 1110 Introduction to Philosophy, 3cr
PHIL 2201 Philosophy of Religion, 3cr
PHIL 1135 Philosophy East and West, 3cr

Choose one course from the following:
ART 1109 World Art, 3cr
ART 2300 Architectural History, 3cr
FS/THTR 1103 International Cinema, 3cr
GS 2201 Culture of International Commerce, 3cr
GS 2250 Selected Topics in Global Studies, 3cr