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Course Delivery Options

The Inver Hills Math department offers many different options for how a math course is taught to appeal to the many different needs of our students. Click below to find out more about the following course delivery options:





Tutors Linked to Classes (TLCs)


These courses are taught in a typical traditional style with in-class lectures that meet anywhere from one to five days per week depending on the course. Almost all math courses at Inver Hills are available in a traditional format.


These courses are web-supplemented. You will meet in-class a reduced amount of time, and would be expected to use math software to do homework, take quizzes and/or tests at the discretion of the instructor. Some instruction would be given via video and software. Experience with Microsoft Windows is expected. Math courses with a section number of 61 are available in a hybrid format.


An online course is the same as its traditional course equivalent, however it is presented fully online, without meeting on-campus. It is recommended that students be on-time, motivated, independent learners able to use videos, software, and online resources for instruction, completing weekly assignments, and taking paper-pencil exams on campus (or prearranged location). Off-campus Internet access is strongly recommended. Experience with Microsoft Windows is expected. Refer to your instructor's website to learn more information about what will be required of you. Math courses with a section number of 98 or 99 are available in an online format.


Math 780 is a combined course that allows students the ability to complete both Math 740 and Math 840 in one semester. Math 880 is a combined course that allows students the ability to complete both Math 840 and Math 940 in one semester. They are both web supplemented courses with reduced class time meant as an accelerated review for students who are highly motivated, good independent learners, and have some basic computer skills; and for most students it will require a minimum of 16 hours of work per week outside of class. Students will be expected to complete assignments online and some paper-pencil tests.

Tutors Linked to Classes (TLCs):

Math courses with Tutors Linked to Classes(TLCs) have tutors who sit in on classes and offer weekly workshops where students receive additional instruction to help master course content and develop learning strategies to successfully pass the course.