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Math League

The Inver Hills Student Math League Club was created for the following purpose:

  • To encourage students to be involved with mathematics
  • To promote the enjoyment and appreciation of math
  • To encourage students to participate in math competitions

Faculty Advisor
Math League Exam and Practice Tests
Practice Sessions

Current Faculty Advisor and Contact

Janine Dahl 
Office: L239 

Math League Exam

Every fall and winter, there is a national competition sponsored by AMATYC, The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges. The tests last one hour and are administered on one day during a set period. The level of the test is precalculus mathematics and below. Questions may involve precalculus, trigonometry, analytic geometry, and probability and statistics. All of the questions are multiple choice or short answer. Students are allowed to use a graphing calculator as long as the calculator does not have a QWERTY keyboard (no TI-92's). The number of correct and incorrect answers determines scoring. Each correct answer receives two points while an incorrect answer deducts half a point. No points are deducted for unanswered questions

Link to old SML Exams

Practice Sessions

Practice sessions will be held once a week for an hour. Sessions will begin towards the end of each semester. Ask your instructor for more details. We will have snacks while we go over old exams and discuss problem-solving strategies. Most math instructors offer extra credit for attending and/or taking the Math League Exam.


Awards are given for top scorers at the campus, state, and national levels both for individuals and teams (top five scores). In the past, Inver Hills has been State Champion, and we hope to be again soon!