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Medical Dosages -INTS 1080 (See link to videos below)
Basic Math - Math 640
Algebra and Prealgebra - Math 740, 780, 840, 880, and 940
Algebra Fundamentals - Math 820
Math 1118 College Algebra
El Ed & Lib Arts -Math 1107& 1101
Precalc & Above -Math 1127,1133, 1134, etc.
Statistics -Math 1103

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Graphing Calculator

Online Homework Help

Medical Dosages Videos from Becky Raimann's website

Video Lectures from Carrie Naughton's website

Graphing Calculator

For Math 1103 students there is a graphing calculator tutorial series and a graphing calculator manual to accompany the course textbook. These are located in MyStatLab software > Course Content > Tools for Success. tutorial videos & worksheets free

Online Math Homework Help

Ask Dr. Math at Drexel University's Math Forum, hasa searchable archive categorized by grade and topic, answers to FAQ, and problems of the week andalso offers a variety of resources to enhance math learning through interactive software.

This site has tutorial solutions to odd-numbered homework problems in math textbooks for grade 6-Calculus including graphing calculator practice exercises.

Homework help is provided with some additional articles posted such as homework guidelines, amath study skills self survey, "How do you REALLY do this stuff?", "Yes Virginia, there really ARE good algebra sites", etc.

Homework help and much more:

Homework help:

Medical Dosages Videos:

Video Lectures created by IHCC instructor Becky Raimann include material covered in Medical Dosages INTS 1080 and material covered in Algebra Fundamentals MATH 0820.

Carrie Naughton's website:

Video Lectures created by IHCC instructor Carrie Naughton include material covered in MATH 840, 940, 1118, 1119, 1127, 1133 and 1134.

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