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Technology at IHCC

Calculators: Your instructor will let you know on the first day of class what calculators may or may not be used for the course. Save your receipt if you purchase a calculator early. See links in "Internet Resources" on the side menu for graphing calculator resources and tutorials.

Derive: Derive is a mathematical software used in Calculus I and II (Math 1133 and 1134). It enables students to do symbolic and numerical computations and graphing. This software is installed on the computers in the Math Center computer lab. You can learn more about Derive.

Mathematica: Mathematica is an extremely powerful computational system. It can be used to explore, visualize and solve very complex problems. You can learn more about Mathematica. Mathematica offers the Wolfram Demonstration Project which is a free resource of interactive visualizations, covering all levels of mathematics and more. To download a free Mathematica player to view these demonstrations, you can click here. Mathematica Demonstrations may be used in Precalculus courses and above (Math 1127 and higher).

Maple: Maple is also an extremely powerful computational system. You can view online demonstrations of Maple. Maple may be used in Calculus I and II (Math 1133 and 1134).

Minitab: Minitab is a statistical software used in Introductory Statistics (Math 1103). This software is installed on campus computers. Students may download a 30-day free copy of the software (version 15) to use at home or purchase the software (version 15 or 16) at a reduced price for educational use in a variety of license formats. Learn more about Minitab.

IHCC Technology Information:

  1. Link to student technology
  2. Link to pdf technology summary document and suggestions (excellent summary document):

Wireless at IHCC: For details about wireless connection on campus, visit the WiFi site.