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Physical Education

The mission of the physical education department is to improve student understanding of the role physical activity plays in lifelong health and well-being and to help students develop skills and attitudes needed to pursue activities through their lifetimes. The department encourages all students, faculty and staff at Inver Hills to pursue lifelong fitness and wellness by active participation in fitness, sports and leisure activities. A wide variety of courses are offered in each of these areas. The fitness courses provide information on fitness principles, training guidelines, nutrition and body composition that students use to design personal fitness programs. The sport courses focus on skill development, team strategies, rules and etiquette through active participation in drills and game play. The outdoor education courses introduce students to a wide variety of recreational activities to encourage lifelong enjoyment of nature.

Many four-year colleges and universities require one or more physical education activity courses, which will be fulfilled by activity courses from Inver Hills.

An A.S. degree in physical education prepares students to work in the fitness industry or to transfer into a four-year teaching program in physical education. The A.S. degree in exercise science (pending MnSCU approval) is designed to prepare students to work in the fitness industry or transfer to a four-year program in exercise science.


A.S., Exercise Science
A.S., Physical Education