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This collection of resources and the support efforts of our staff are aligned with our college values, especially:

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open educational resources are typically created by faculty or other content experts, and are offered free of charge for incorporation in courses or for use in other educational settings. Much is being done in development of OER materials, with the primary goal of reducing textbook costs for students. One example are “z-degrees”, wherein a student can complete an entire degree program using only free or low-cost OER materials. Central Lakes College offers a Z-Degree: http://www.clcmn.edu/z-degree/ and makes information on OER materials available for students and faculty: http://www.clcmn.edu/open-educational-resources-oer/.

For additional OER resources and information, visit the following:

Contact Anthropology faculty member Katie Nelson for more information on OER efforts at Inver Hills Community College. Contact our library staff for assistance and more information on locating open educational resources for your courses. Visit their OER resource page to start: https://inverhills.lib.minnstate.edu/subjects/guide.php?subject=oer.

2020 OER Funding

In the spring of 2020, faculty were invited to apply for either authorship or research and field testing funding. Check out the Timeline and Process and How to Apply

Authorship stipends were designed to help faculty produce their own OER materials in order to align a course with the Z-Degree model. Research and field testing stipends were designed to support faculty in curating existing OER to integrate into courses – also in keeping with the Z-Degree model.

The following faculty received funding and will discuss their OER authorship and curation efforts fall semester of 2020.

  • Sara Lenertz, Mathematics Faculty, to curate an OER for use in Math 1101- Math for Liberal Arts
  • Nicholas Nownes, English Faculty, to curate an OER for use in English 1130: Writing and Research for the Professions
  • Brad Perkl, Anthropology Faculty, to author and curate an OER for use in Anth 1120-Introduction to Archaeology and Anth 1130/Anth 1131-Introduction to Biological Anthropology/Lab
  • Christine Petrich, Physical Education and Health Faculty, to curate an OER for use in HLTH 1154: Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement

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