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Diverse Perspective Pedagogy/Andragogy Faculty Seminar

The goal of the Seminar is to foster greater understanding of and competence in instructional practices that are successful for a diverse set of learners, with the understanding that this process begins with authentic self-exploration and is long-term and continuous. Each semester, participants meet weekly with a cohort of faculty and through discussions, group activities, journaling and pre-work, they explore the ideas and practical applications of the topic areas. The Seminar content includes the following:

  1. Culture
  2. Social race and ethnicity
  3. Power, privilege and oppression
  4. Identity, labels and language
  5. Gender, sexuality and patriarchy
  6. Poverty and socioeconomic class
  7. Ability and disability
  8. Age, and generational concerns
  9. Considerations for specific student populations
  10. Education as social justice.

All participants have the opportunity to facilitate sessions. This builds on the understanding that facilitating fosters broader ownership of the content and allows the curriculum to adapt and change as faculty needs change. The curriculum is designed with the idea of continuous improvement in mind. Each semester participants will be prompted to suggest and make improvements to the curriculum.

Original materials created by faculty/staff for this curriculum are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means users are free to copy, adapt, and share the material as long as they 1) give appropriate credit, 2) use the material for noncommercial purposes, and 3) share any transformed materials under the same license. Participants are paid a stipend of $500 for their work at the end of the semester.

Inver Hills Community College will continue its Diverse Perspectives Pedagogy Seminar throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. This seminar is designed to bring together IHCC employees as we explore strategies and techniques that support closing opportunity gaps. This group will meet weekly throughout the semester. If a staff member is interested in participating, please check with your supervisor. There is room for fifteen in the cohort on a first come basis. The seminar will meet throughout the fall semester on the following dates:

Date Time Location
Tuesday, September 10 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, September 17 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, September 24 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, October 1 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, October 8 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, October 15 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, October 22 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, October 29 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, November 5 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, November 12 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, November 19 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, November 26 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, December 3 3-4:30pm FA 194
Tuesday, December 10 3-4:30pm FA 194
Date Time Location
Tuesday, January 28 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, February 4 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, February 18 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, March 3 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, March 17 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, March 24 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, March 31 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, April 7 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, April 14 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, April 21 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, April 28 3-4:30pm TBD
Tuesday, May 5 3-4:30pm TBD

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