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Faculty Success Stories

Faculty Success Stories profile faculty members who are engaged in innovative teaching practices in face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses. Each story follows the same template in showcasing faculty work, and addresses the role of academic technology, learning goals, student and instructor perspectives, and assessment. Each story also contains a sample of the teaching practice in action – via video, screenshots, photographs, or other means.

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Mary Petrie

IHCC English faculty member Mary Petrie talks with Randi Goettl and Martin Springborg about her application of Universal Design for Learning principles.

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Lisa DuRose

I am currently one of the co-directors for the learning community program at IHCC. Learning communities allow students to take a combination of courses, usually around one theme. A typical learning community might combine a reading or writing course with another discipline class, such as history, psychology, sociology, or communications.....

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Shane Stroup

As a philosopher, particularly when teaching ethics, I strive to “decenter” my students. I do this by challenging some of the longest held traditions/practices throughout Western history. We read thinkers ranging from Plato to Nietzsche to Kant. We do so not to learn simply what they argued/wrote, but more so, to see the wide range of ideals that...

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Scott Sandok

My goal is to create an online course that is as engaging and supportive as my face to face classes. My goal is for student’s efforts to be on the subject, not the navigation tool. That said, I try to leverage the tool to provide as much of "baseline" feedback as possible so that students get instant validation or information to help guide them along their learning process....

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