Inver Hills Students
Future Students

Inver Hills Community College is a great place to start a transferable degree or graduate from a career program. Our affordable tuition, along with excellent faculty instruction, makes an Inver Hills education a very smart choice.


Future Students

Inver Hills has everything you need to thrive

College is a proving ground where you harness your drive, intelligence and creativity to build a strong, prosperous career in a field you love. We understand that your college experience defines your future. That means our college is your college, the place you'll find:

  • Instructors who know your name.
  • Tuition rates that make sense.
  • Degree programs ideally aligned for transfer or launching your dream career.
  • Exceptional Student Outcomes
  • Small class sizes that boost your learning skills and GPA.
  • Student clubs bursting with activity and community connections.
  • A gorgeous campus with the feel of a neighborhood university.
  • A clear pathway to your academic and professional goals.
  • Friends for life
  • An alma mater that works for your success

Anywhere you look, Inver Hills is the right direction.

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Brent Magee

"I love the people and the community feel–and the campus itself is beautiful."

- Brent Magee, Education Foundations A.S. and A.A.

Mandkhai Molomjamts

"All my instructors are very helpful."

- Mandkhai Molomjamts, Biology Major

Stefan Chellsen

"I've met a lot of nice people and made a lot of good friends."

- Stefan Chellsen, A.A. with Emphasis in Political Science

Victoria Neunsinger

"After the second week of class, I couldn't imagine any other decision."

- Victoria Neunsinger, EMS Graduate

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