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Learning Support

Keep your college journey headed in the right direction.

Learning Support

Keep your college journey headed in the right direction

At Inver Hills learning is a group effort. If you're new to college, a returning student, an adult learner seeking career advancement or starting your last semester, our staff and faculty are on campus to help you succeed.

Check out the college support areas below to find the assistance you might need to accomplish your academic and career goals.

Adult learners

ASAP, or Adult Success through Accelerated Programs, gives you the opportunity to earn a college degree at an accelerated, flexible and independent pace while getting college credit for the knowledge and skills you've gained through your work and life experiences. Visit ASAP to learn more.

Center for Career Development and Community-Based Learning

You don't have to wait until you graduate to put your knowledge to work. Through experiential learning, you can collaborate with local high schools, conduct research with community partners and solve operations issues for organizations. Visit Center for Career Development and Community-Based Learning to learn more.

Counseling and advising

Need advice on academic planning, choosing a major, finding the right balance for college success, understanding your transfer options, landing the perfect career or handling the difficulties life can throw your way. Our counselors and advisors are here to help, Visit Counseling and Advising to learn more.

Accessibility Resources

Inver Hills recognizes disability as a social identity vital to the diversity of our campus community. You can access our resources through the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion, which also provides cultural programming while functioning as a campus-wide resource on social justice issues. Visit The Office for Accessibility Resources to learn more.

Honors program

An Honors Program contract allows you to embed an honors experience into an existing Inver Hills course. The contract is a written agreement with a faculty member that specifies honors project expectations. Visit Honors Program to learn more.

Learning center

The newly renovated, state-of-the-art Learning Center is located on the second floor of the college's Library building. The Learning Center features several improvements that promote individual study and group work. To learn more about peer tutoring, the Math Center and the Writing Center, visit the Learning Center.

Trio student support services

Student Support Services (TRIO SSS) at Inver Hills is a federally funded program designed to increase retention by providing academic and personal support to our students. If you are pursuing your associate degree, thinking about transferring or just need a little extra help and guidance on your college journey, TRIO SSS could be a great fit for you. Visit TRIO SSS to learn more.

Testing center

Testing services at Inver Hills are for future and current students. We offer placement, proctor, make-up, GED and CLEP testing. To learn more, visit the Testing Center.


Inver Hills Community College offers free online, on-demand tutoring, through Tutors are always available, even late at night when your instructor may not be. To learn more, visit Tutor page.

Military & Veteran Services

Since 1982, Inver Hills has worked to promote strong relationships with our veterans, service members and their families. The college provides a comprehensive, veteran-specific array of support services, scholarships and networking and employment opportunities while collaborating with area communities and agencies. To learn more, visit Military & Veteran Services.

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