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The Office for Accessibility Resources

Assuring access to educational programming and activities.

Inver Hills recognizes disability as a social identity vital to the diversity of our campus community.

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Accessibility Resources
MN Relay Services, 800-627-3529

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Enrolled Students with the Office of Accessibility

Students who are already registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources must follow the following steps in order to continue to receive accommodations EACH SEMESTER:

  1. Check in with the OAR by appointment before or at the beginning of each semester to update your Letter of Accommodation.
  2. Students are responsible for providing a copy of their updated Letter of Accommodation to their instructors if they would like to utilize accommodations for that course.
  3. Students must clearly indicate if they are having any issues with implementing the accommodations on the designated plan.

Blue Testing Sheet

Description of how to access testing accommodations. Fill out top of the page and give to instructor 5 days before the scheduled exam.

Notetaker Procedure

Description of how to obtain a notetaker and your notes if this is one of your approved accommodations.

Request for Books in Alternative Format

Description of how to obtain Audio/PDF material if this is one of your approved accommodations.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

  • The right to be treated with dignity and respect by all OAR service providers (interpreters, note takers, student workers, office staff) and all members of the college community.
  • Equal access to courses, programs, services, jobs, activities and facilities offered by the college.
  • Equal opportunity to learn, work and receive accommodations and services.
  • The right to receive high quality services, accommodations and assistance in accordance with our policies and procedures.
  • The right to have information about your disability kept private.
  • Right to Accessibility Resources at NO cost to you with the exception of personal devices or if costs are unreasonable.

Student Responsibilities

  • Self-identify disability status to Accessibility Resources.
  • Provide current documentation about disability related functional limitations.
  • Request necessary accommodations by meeting with the Director of Accessibility Resources.
    • Each semester you MUST request accommodations for your new classes. Please make your appointment with OAR before the semester starts to get your new accommodations set up or put your previous accommodations back into place AND collect some test request forms for your new classes.
    • Register in a timely manner with the priority registration process and notify the office of any schedule changes after initial registration if they affect your accommodations.
    • Complete other forms as appropriate for the situation.
    • Accommodations are to help even the 'playing field' and to remove any barriers to your success. You must still meet the essential requirements of a course or program at IHCC.
    • Follow all program, OAR and IHCC policies and procedures.
    • Report any grievances in a timely manner.
    • Meet and maintain the same academic qualifications and essential institutional standards as other students on campus.

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