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The Office for Accessibility Resources

Assuring access to educational programming and activities.

Inver Hills recognizes disability as a social identity vital to the diversity of our campus community.

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Students with a wide array of physical, sensory, cognitive and mental health disabilities attend IHCC and are active in all majors and disciplines at every level of our educational system. OAR partners with the student, faculty and appropriate campus departments to establish the accommodations needed to remove the student's unique access barrier(s).

The college provides reasonable accommodation to the known physical or mental limitations of qualified disabled students so long as doing so does not impose an undue hardship on the University or fundamentally alter the educational program. Reasonable accommodations may include providing appropriate core services necessary to ensure equal access, such as early registration or providing materials in alternative formats.

When academic accommodations are needed they are determined for each student on an individual basis by OAR staff and designed through the interactive process with a student. The interactive process includes; documentation of a disability, student OAR application/registration, development of Accommodation plan, and any follow up needed to ensure reasonable accommodations have been considered.

Accessibility Resources to Faculty

The OAR serves the faculty and students equally. We assist students once they are admitted to IHCC, facilitate their requests and approve services. For faculty we are your resource and collaborator in ensuring the academic accommodations are in place and effective. If you as faculty have questions, problems establishing an accommodation, or need help on where to start OAR is here for you. We provide a variety of services for faculty delivering instruction, including by not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting/Assisting with establishing classroom accommodations
  • Facilitation of extended time and low-stimuli testing environments
  • Providing consultation on working with various types of disabilities
  • Assist faculty in ensuring they have accessible course materials
  • Providing Faculty training & educational resources

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty is primarily responsible to provide academic accommodations approved by the OAR on the Letter of Accommodation and to work with OAR and students to make reasonable accommodations in a timely manner. Other responsibilities include:

  • Provide only the adjustments on the Letter of Accommodation unless it is an accommodation that you are willing to offer all students in the class.
  • Contact OAR if there are questions or concerns about requested adjustments and/or for assistance in identifying the best method for providing accommodations for students enrolled in classes.
  • Refer any student to OAR who is requesting adjustments but does not present a Letter of Accommodation letter.
  • Faculty should not lower course expectations or fundamentally alter the nature of the course at the request of a student with a disability. If a student makes such a request, related to an approved disability absence, Faculty should consult with OAR.
  • Ensure instructional materials are accessible. OAR can collaborate with faculty to ensure access. This may include: video captioning, transcripts of audio lectures/podcasts, and accessible materials (i.e. course packs, lecture exhibits).
  • Maintain confidentiality. Faculty should not ask students about the nature of their disability or to provide medical documentation.
  • Implement best practices in teaching to reach a diversity of learners.

How Students Access Services

  1. Self-identify to the college. Students are encouraged to register with the OAR office and make requests of the faculty in a timely manner to create the best opportunities for their own success.
  2. Request services from OAR and engage in the interactive process.
  3. On a semester basis the student will present the Letter of Accommodation to the faculty member. The responsibility of providing the academic accommodations does not go into effect until the letter is presented.

Faculty will likely receive the majority of the Letters of Accommodation the first two weeks of classes, but they can be delivered at any time throughout the quarter.

Services are not retroactive. If a letter is presented in the middle of the semester adjustments are only required from that day forward.


It is an individual's choice whether to disclose the nature of his/her disability to faculty. Asking a student for more details regarding their disability is not permitted as the confidentiality of medical information must be maintained. OAR can and will discuss student information with Faculty related to the facilitation of accommodations.

Syllabus Statement

I am committed to supporting the learning of all students in my class. If you have already registered with Office of Accessibility Resources and have your Letter of Accommodation, please meet with me early in the course to discuss, plan, and implement your accommodations in the course. If you have or think you have a disability (learning, sensory, physical, chronic health, or mental health), please contact the Office of Accessibility staff at 651-450-3884 or by visiting

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