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The Office for Accessibility Resources

Assuring access to educational programming and activities.

Inver Hills recognizes disability as a social identity vital to the diversity of our campus community.

Contact Information

Randi Goettl
Director of Accessibility Resources
651-450-3677, Attn: Randi Goettl
MN Relay Services, 800-627-3529

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Welcome to the Office for Accessibility Resources

The Office for Accessibility Resources is dedicated to creating an accessible learning community where individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities. OAR strives to empower students, foster independence, and promote achievement of the student’s career and educational goals.

Our Core Values

  • Disability is a social identity that is a vital element of our campus community
  • Disability is a social/political category that includes individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • Equal access cannot be achieved through accommodation alone
  • Design that promotes inclusion is a matter of social justice and civil rights
  • Person centered approaches demand leveraging creative solutions

Our Mission

Accessibility Resources staff emphasize personal, individualized, and quality service:

  • Personal: Accessibility Resources seeks to provide prompt responses to all requests for information or appointments. Accommodations for specific disabilities are discussed during a confidential interview.
  • Individualized: We are interested in discussing student’s specific needs in order to participate in the educational programs, activities, and events sponsored by Inver Hills. We avoid treating individuals as a member of a group requiring a pre-established set of accommodations and services. Instead, we enter into a collaborative process in order to respond to the individual needs of students participating in specific educational programming.
  • Quality: The Director of Accessibility Resources will work with each student to determine what accommodations they may be eligible to receive while at Inver Hills Community College. Throughout the year, we will contact students who are registered with our office to inquire if they are receiving quality service, to resolve problems, and to solicit suggestions as part of a continuous quality improvement process.

Getting Started

New or currently enrolled students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Director of Accessibility Resources, to discuss their individual needs and further determine if they are eligible to receive reasonable accommodations.

Get Started with Accessibility Resources


Learning Center in Library Building


Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Our Staff

Randi Goettl

Randi Goettl
Director of Accessibility Resources

Joan Marchio
Accessibility Resources Support Staff

Madison Greeney
Graduate Assistant Academic Coach
Learning Center

Sarah Preisinger
Graduate Assistant Academic Coach
Learning Center

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