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Transfer Considerations

Consider the following when selecting your transfer institution:

  • Your major
  • Cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board
  • Financial aid and transfer scholarships
  • Will your credits transfer?
  • Class times
  • Academic calendar
  • Housing options

Read the most current catalog from your transfer institution to determine admission requirements for the institution and your chosen major. Requirements can differ. Counseling and Advising and Career Services have catalogs for Minnesota colleges and universities as well as some out-of-state institutions. Many institutions have online catalogs.

After deciding to transfer, you are encouraged to make an appointment with an Inver Hills academic counselor to discuss your transfer options. You should also speak with a representative from your chosen transfer institution. Representatives from four-year schools regularly visit the Inver Hills campus. Check the Inver Hills Student Bulletin for dates and times.

Selecting courses at Inver Hills

You have four types of coursework to complete before you transfer.

General Education Transfer Options

  • Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)
    The MnTC completes the general education requirements at all Minnesota state universities, the University of Minnesota and some private colleges.
  • Transferring without the MnTC
    You must follow the transfer guides and course-by-course equivalencies specific for your chosen college and major. You can find this information at Counseling and Advising in the College Center or by visiting your chosen institution’s website.
  • Transferring before completing all requirements
    On rare occasions, students need to transfer before fulfilling their general education and pre-major requirements because Inver Hills does not offer the essential coursework, or the transfer major has a rigid sequence of pre-major and major courses that must be completed at the transfer institution.
  • Transferring out of state
    While Inver Hills does have some transfer agreements with out-of-state institutions, you will usually need to follow the requirements of your selected transfer institution. Our counselors can assist you with the process.

Pre-major requirements

You must plan for admission to your major, which often has a process separate from the admissions process of your transfer college or university. You should refer to the transfer guides in Counseling and Advising and your transfer institution’s catalogs, and also consult with an Inver Hills counselor for specific information

High school preparation standards

If you did not fulfill preparation standards in high school, coursework at Inver Hills can be substituted for missing high-school coursework.

Second language requirements

Completing second language requirements depends on your chosen transfer institution and the type of bachelor’s degree you will be pursuing. Most second language requirements do not need to be met before you transfer, but must be completed before you graduate with your bachelor’s degree. Visit the Counseling and Advising area in the College Center for a list of four-year school language requirements.

Note: The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree can be tailored to fit your chosen transfer college or university, including general education and pre-major requirements, and missing high school preparation standards. Consult with an Inver Hills counselor for assistance with this process.

Transferring and Applying

Four-year rep campus visits

Transfer representatives from four-year colleges and universities regularly visit the Inver Hills campus. Check the Student Bulletin or counseling bulletin board in the College Center to find out when reps have scheduled a visit.

Admissions and application deadlines

Most college and university websites post deadline information. Be aware that freshman deadlines and transfer deadlines may vary.

GPA Requirements

  • GPA requirements for a given major may differ from the requirements of its institution
  • Courses below 100/1000 level do not transfer
  • Some colleges reconfigure GPA based on college-level transfer credits only
  • Some colleges do not transfer "D" grades
  • Some colleges do not transfer + or – grades, which can elevate or decrease a transfer GPA

Visit your college or university of interest

Learn more about a prospective transfer institution by completing the following tasks:

  • Attend an open house
  • Visit with an admissions office representative
  • Ask for financial aid estimates
  • Visit a class
  • Take a tour
  • Talk with a faculty member

Academic year calendar

Check when the semester or quarter begins at a prospective institution; this is particularly important if you want to transfer midyear.

Complete the admissions process

Submit your completed application plus ALL transcripts, essays, assessments and financial aid forms. Also, determine whether ACT, SAT or PSAT are needed.


Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. Transferology’s goal is saving students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting their college transfer credit questions answered.

You can answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" by adding coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences to see how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when they transfer.

Visit Transferology.

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