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Testing Exemptions

Inver Hills uses the Accuplacer as a means of measuring students college readiness for math, reading and English courses. However, this readiness can be determined in many ways through testing exemptions and could waive a student’s need to complete the Accuplacer. Our goal is to place students into the highest placement possible for their ability.

Submit Transcripts

If you haven't done so already, please submit an unofficial high school transcript, or make sure to self-report your cumulative high school GPA to our enrollment center via email at Unofficial transcripts can also be submitted to the Enrollment Center directly through the document upload portal. Unofficial high school transcripts are helpful for assessment placement purposes and sometimes for financial aid purposes.

  Submit Unofficial High School Transcript


Part-time students registering under the limited-enrollment option, who are not taking math and English classes, are not required to take the assessment.

Check out our non-degree information page

  • You have completed the Accuplacer in the past two years, and you are registering for the appropriate English and math courses based on these assessments.
  • You have completed the Accuplacer elsewhere within the last 2 years for math and 5 years for Reading and have submitted your testing results.
  • You have completed the prerequisites at Inver Hills for the English and math courses in which you plan to enroll and you received grades of "C" or higher in the prerequisites; you took the math prerequisite in the past two years.
  • You have completed approved prerequisites at another college for the English and math courses in which you plan to enroll, and you received grades of "C" or higher in the prerequisites; an official copy of your transcript with the prerequisites must be on file at Inver Hills, and the courses must be approved by the college to satisfy prerequisite requirements; math prerequisites must have been completed in the last two years.

Students will need to request transcripts from the test publisher. Once scores are received they will be evaluated for course equivalencies. Required scores are found in our college catalog.

ACT, SAT and MCA test results are valid for 5 years from the beginning of the month tested. You can submit unofficial copies of ACT and SAT scores for placement via email or mail to our testing center. MCA results are required to be official, you can request these from your high school.

Please email documentation to

If you have received placement at another Minn State school through a different process such as guided self placement, please provide documented proof to, so we can review placement and add to student file.

Here is an example to show how to read if you meet the pre-requisites for a course

Example course: Chem 1010

Prerequisites (Course and Tests)

This course requires any of these six prerequisite categories

1. Math 0804 – Introductory Algebra (Minimum grade: 2.0 GPA Equivalent and Number of Years Valid: 2)
2. A score of 76 on test Accuplacer Elementary Algebra
3. A score of 22 on test ACT math
4. A score of 250 on test Accuplacer NG Quantitative Reasoning
5. A score of 250 on test Accuplacer NG COMP Quantiative Reason
6. A score of 1148 on test MN Comprehensive Assessment Math

If using the below grid, utilizing the 7th column: next Generation Accuplacer Scores, a student that qualifies to take Math 1103 with also be able to take Chem. 1010 as the requirements is 250+ on NG Quantitative Reasoning. If a student submitted MCA scores they would want to use the 3rd column: MCA.

Minimum Score required for Accuplacer Exemption

ACT Subscore

ACT Subscore + HS GPA


MCA + 2.7+ HS GPA

SAT (after 3/2016)

Stand alone cummulative HS GPA

Next Generation Accuplacer Score

Course Number

18 + in English or 21+ in Reading

16-17 English with 2.5+ HS GPA or 19-20 Reading

1047 Reading  



250 + Reading

English 1108: Writing/ Research Skills



1150 Math



<2.8 or No GPA

237+ Reading

Math 1101: Math for Liberal Arts






<2.8 or No GPA

216+ QAS

Math 1103 with Support


20-21 with HS GPA 2.7+

1148 Math




250+ QAS

Math 1103: Introduction to Statistics






2.8+ or <2.8 or no GPA and Alg II

250+ QAS

Math 1118: with Support


20-21 with HS GPA 2.7+

1158 Math



2.8 + and HS Algebra 2

250+ QAS and 250+ AAF

Math 1118: College Algebra






2.8+ and HS Precalculus

250+ QAS and 263+ AAF

Math 1127: Pre-Calculus






2.8+ and HS Precalculus

250+ QAS and 270+ AAF

Math 1120: Survey of Calculus






2.8+ and HS Precalculus

250+ QAS and 280+ AAF

Math 1119: College Algebra 2






3.3+ and Precalculus or <3.3 and Calculus

250+ QAS and 295+ AAF

Math 1133: Calculus

QAS = Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics
AAF = Advanced Algebra Functions

MCA, ACT, and SAT scores are valid for all subjects for 5 years
Accuplacer Reading Comprehension scores are valid for 5 years
Accuplacer Math scores are valid for 2 years
HS GPA's are valid for 10 years

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