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We're committed to being a veteran and military-friendly campus.

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Sue Flannigan
Veteran Services Coordinator



Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Applying to Inver Hills with Veterans Benefits

First step

To qualify for veterans benefits, you need to first apply for admission to the college. (Note: if you apply under limited enrollment status, you will not be eligible for veterans benefits.)

Notes for veterans

Get Started

Applying for veterans benefits

  • Education and Training (Veterans Benefits Administration)
  • Apply for Benefits (Veterans Benefits Administration)
  • Attend your new student orientation/registration session, at which time you will meet with an IHCC Counselor. The counselor will ensure you are registering for the appropriate courses and will complete your VA Benefits Request form.
  • The week before classes begin, attend the "Integration Session" designed specifically for veterans and servicemembers making the transition to higher education and the college student role. For more information, contact an IHCC Counselor at 651-450-3508.
  • Schedule an appointment with Inver Hills Veteran Services by calling 651-450-3862.
  • Submit the VA benefit request form you received from your Inver Hills counselor to Inver Hills Veteran Services for benefit processing. You must submit the VA benefit request form every semester.
  • When you receive your Certification of Eligibility (COE) from the VA, please bring a copy to the Veteran Services office in the College Center (for Post-9/11 recipients only).

Military Credit

As a veteran, you may be granted academic credit for military education and experience gained while on active duty. The American Council on Education Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services will be used as the evaluation tool. A copy of your Report of Transfer or Discharge (Form DD-214) and an official joint services transcript are required for the evaluation.

Scholarships and Grants

Credit load requirements

For fall and spring semesters only (based on entire semester)

  • 12 or more credits = full-time
  • 9–11 credits = three-quarter time
  • 6–8 credits = half-time (7 credits is required for Post-9/11 Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH)
  • 5 credits or less = tuition only

Contact Sue Flannigan, veteran services coordinator, for credit-load requirements during the summer. While attending Inver Hills, each veteran is responsible for reporting all changes in credit load or clock hours.

Request your enrollment certification

As a new or current student, you should schedule an appointment with a counselor at 651-450-3508 before registering for classes to make sure you have appropriate coursework within your degree program and also to obtain the enrollment certification you need to request your VA educational benefits.

Next, contact Sue Flannigan, veteran services coordinator, at 651-450-3862, to schedule an appointment for processing your educational benefits.

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