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  • Verification Enrollment Line: 1-877-823-2378
  • W.A.V.E. (Web Automated Verification Enrollment)

Student-Veteran Responsibilities

Declaring or Changing a Program

You must state the same educational objective (program of study) in your applications to both Inver Hills and the Veterans Administration. If you change your program, please contact the militray & veteran services coordinator, who will notify the VA.

The law permits one change of program without prior approval if your attendance, conduct and progress in your previous program were satisfactory. The VA may approve additional changes if the proposed programs are suitable to your abilities, aptitudes and interests. The VA will not charge a change of program when you enroll in a new program provided you successfully completed your most recent program.


You are responsible for notifying the military & veteran services coordinator each new semester to request enrollment certification, which starts your VA benefits. Requesting certification should be done at the time of registration. Contact the coordinator if you have questions.

Enrollment Certification


You are required to pay standard college fees at the time of registration. The VA will reimburse you on a monthly basis based on your enrollment certification. Tuition deferments are available on request.

Change of Enrollment

If you change your enrollment status, you should immediately contact the military & veteran services coordinator and ask that the appropriate VA regional office be notified of the change. You should also notify the appropriate VA regional office yourself. If the VA does not receive prompt notice of a change, you could be liable for an overpayment of benefits.

Change of Address

Promptly notify Inver Hills and the appropriate VA regional office if you have a change of address. Send your complete new address, including ZIP code along with your telephone number.

Veterans Pinning Ceremony and Graduation

Inver Hills recognizes all graduating veterans and servicemembers at a pinning ceremony for their accomplishments with a veterans pin. In addition, students who have shown leadership through the VALOR club, Student Senate, work-study program and/or received a scholarship from Inver Hills will be honored with a challenge coin given by the Yellow Ribbon committee.

A red, white and blue cord worn by a graduate signifies an active military member or veteran.

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