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Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Associate in Arts degree (A.A.)

Program Planning Guide a PDF document

The Associate in Arts degree (A.A.) is intended primarily for students who plan to transfer to another college to complete a bachelor's degree. The A.A. degree is 60 credits and comprised of three parts.

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) 40 credits
Health & Physical Education coursework 2 credits
Electives, liberal arts and pre-major coursework 18 credits
  60 credits

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum — Fulfills general education coursework at all Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the University of Minnesota and some private colleges (Augsburg, Bethany, Concordia-St. Paul, St. Catherine University, St. Mary’s University and St. Scholastica University).

Health & Physical Education Coursework — Students must take at least one credit of physical education (PHED) and one credit of health (HLTH).

Electives, Liberal Arts and Pre-Major Coursework — Additional IHCC courses that meet prerequisite or degree requirements at your intended transfer school. All courses must be 1000 level or above to fulfill these electives. It is strongly recommended to work with an advisor or counselor to plan and select coursework to meet these requirements.

A complete A.A. degree will fulfill general education coursework at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, University of Wisconsin-Stout and the University of North Dakota. It’s recommended to work with an advisor or counselor to select courses that meet general education requirements and major requirements.

Associate in Arts with Emphasis

The A.A. with emphasis is designed to allow students to thoroughly prepare themselves for the major at corresponding baccalaureate programs at several public and private four-year colleges and universities. It’s recommended to work with an advisor or counselor to plan for transfer.

Gender and Women Studies
Political Science

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) is intended for students who plan to transfer to another college or university to complete a bachelor’s degree. It can be completed on its own or as part of an Associate in Arts degree. The MnTC (40cr) is a common liberal arts/general education curriculum that was developed and is accepted by all Minnesota public colleges and universities. Completion of the MnTC allows a student to finish all their lower-division liberal arts/general education requirements prior to transferring. It is strongly recommended for a student working towards completing the MnTC or A.A. to meet with an advisor or counselor who can guide them to select courses that satisfy both MnTC goal requirements and major requirements for their bachelor’s degree.

Students must complete all 10 goals areas and at least 40 credits from within the goals to be awarded the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

MnTC Goal 1 Communication 3 courses
MnTC Goal 2 Critical Thinking 0-1 course
MnTC Goal 3 Natural Science 2 courses
MnTC Goal 4 Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 1 course
MnTC Goal 5 History/Social Sciences/Behavioral Sciences 3 courses
MnTC Goal 6 Humanities/Fine Arts/Literature 3 courses
MnTC Goal 7 Human Diversity 1 course
MnTC Goal 8 Global Perspective 1 course
MnTC Goal 9 Ethic and Civic Responsibility 1 course
MnTC Goal 10 People and the Environment 1 course

A.A. and MnTC Planning Guide
2014-2015 AA Planning Form pdf document
2013-2014 AA Planning Form
 pdf document
2012-2013 AA Planning Form
 pdf document