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Here you'll find all you need to know about registering for classes, whether its your first or you've got one left before celebrating graduation.

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Withdraw/Refund Schedule

Fall Semester 2019

Refund schedule for full-term classes and other classes that begin during the first week of the term
August 26 - 30 100% refund
After August 30, a total withdrawal from all of your classes is required to receive a partial refund:
August 31 - Sept. 9 75% refund
Sept. 10 - 16 50% refund
Sept. 17 - 23 25% refund
After Sept. 23 No refund
For classes beginning after August 30
Within one business day of course start 100% refund
After the first additional business day No refund

Registration Dates

The Inver Hills Academic Calendar indicates important dates for registration.

Adds (adding classes)

Adds means any registration that adds a class to your schedule. Adding includes initial registration, additional registration or substituting one class for another. Adds must be completed within five (5) business days of the first day of the semester and must be completed online via e-Services.

Drops (dropping classes)

Drops refers to removing a class from your schedule with a full refund and without a "W" grade on your transcript. All drops must be completed online by 11:59 p.m. on the fifth business day of the start of the term.


Withdrawal refers to withdrawing from a class or classes after the fifth business day from the start of the term through the withdrawal deadline. A "W" grade will appear on your transcript for all withdrawals after this date and no refund provided for partial withdrawals. Refunds are only provided if you withdraw from all your classes; refunds are reduced according to the Withdraw/Refund Schedule above. Withdrawals may be submitted online through e-Services or in writing via e-mail, fax or in person at the Enrollment Center. The effective date for refund purposes is the date the withdrawal request is received.

Last day to Withdraw

The last day to withdraw from a course is calculated as the day on which 80 percent of the course has elapsed. To view the last day to withdraw for a specific course, visit the Course Search page on e-Services. Once you search for a course, click on the course title to view additional details about the course, including last day to withdraw. See additional information about course withdrawals below under "Withdrawal."

Confirming your add or withdraw

For online adds, drops and withdrawals, all transactions must be completed through the confirmation phase to be considered processed. The transaction is completed when you receive a confirmation message in red that reads: "Your request was processed successfully." To assure that your request is processed successfully, view your schedule below the confirmation message. If your schedule has not been changed, repeat the process. If you need assistance, call 651-450-3503 during business hours.

How withdraw affects satisfactory academic progress

You are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic counselor or advisor before withdrawing from classes. Course withdrawals appear as a grade of "W" on a transcript and count against a your course completion rate, which can negatively impact satisfactory academic progress. For more information about satisfactory academic progress, see the Inver Hills Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Tuition Refund Policy

When you receive confirmation of total withdrawal from the Enrollment Center, you are eligible for refunds according to the published refund schedule for the term. Refund checks generally take two to three weeks for process and return. For detailed information on refunds, visit the Refunds page.

Drop for Nonpayment

Depending on when you register, you must pay tuition by the appropriate deadline or you may be dropped from your classes. Visit the Tuition and Payment for deadlines and other payment information. You will not be dropped from your classes if the Enrollment Center has received authorization for payment by an outside agency, you have filed for Financial Aid, or you have set up a FACTS payment plan by the payment deadline.

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