StarAlert is IHCC's emergency notification system

StarAlert is Inver Hills Community College's emergency notification system for students and employees. The system used is Blackboard Connect. It can send e-mail, text and voice messages.

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StarAlert Emergency Notification System

A major component of responding to emergencies is communication. In the event of an emergency on campus that poses a threat to the safety of students or staff, or a weather announcement that impacts the college, Inver Hills Community College will issue a StarAlert using Blackboard Connect to notify the campus community.

StarAlert is Inver Hills Community College's emergency notification system for students and employees. The system used is Blackboard Connect. It can send email, text and voice messages if the appropriate contact details are provided.

All students and employees will receive StarAlert messages. Students receive messages to the phone numbers and email account they listed in their official school registration. Employees' work phone and work emails are enrolled.

Keep your contact information current

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Create an account on Blackboard Portal. Use your StarID to create an account for the first time.

Click herefor a complete how to manage your StarAlert Blackboard emergency notifications instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want a bunch of junk or spam messages from the college. Will I get a lot of messages?
StarAlert is only used for campus emergencies or other major events that interrupt regular classes and campus activities. You will not receive messages about bookstore promotions or overdue library books from StarAlert. You should expect up to one test message per month. All other messages will be for actual emergency situations.

My instructor does not allow us to use cell phones in class. Why should I have emergency messages sent to my mobile phone when I can't use it in class?
In the past, severe weather interrupting classes or campus activities were the most common situation requiring an emergency message. We have had very few situations on campus that required emergency notifications. Nonetheless, StarAlert is only one of three emergency notification methods the college can use in an emergency. Two other methods for delivering emergency notifications inside buildings and classrooms are a public address broadcasting system and campus telephones.

I'm transferring to another school and I don't want to receive messages from Inver Hills anymore. How do I cancel messages?
There is no need to cancel. The records in the StarAlert system are updated periodically to disable accounts of individuals who are not currently enrolled. If you want us to take action sooner than we might otherwise act, students may contact the Marketing Office to have your IHCC StarAlert account disabled.

How can I confirm the authenticity of a message I receive?
StarAlert messages are used to highlight the need for an individual to be aware of a situation. Additional details will be posted on the college website ( Whenever possible the college web site will display additional information and details before the StarAlert message is sent. If a situation is especially urgent a StarAlert message may be sent first, with additional information and details added to the college web site afterwards. If you check the college website and do not see additional information be sure to refresh your browser session to ensure your browser is displaying the most current version of the page. If no additional information is displayed check the website again later.

Who can help me if I need help?
If you have questions about the college's emergency procedures or the use of StarAlert messages please contact

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