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Kayla M. Swenson, M.S.
Disability Services Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Phone: 651-450-3508
Office: CC211
Fax: 651-450-3677
Attn: Kayla Swenson

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Disability Resources

Assuring access to educational programming and activities

Inver Hills Community College is committed to providing access to our diverse student body.  We recognize disability as a social identity that is a vital element of our campus community.  Disability Resources can be accessed through the Center for Accessibility and Inclusion.

The Center for Accessibility and Inclusion provides cultural programming and functions as a campus-wide resource on social justice issues. The office also serves as a support and resource for students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds. Services include:

  • The Center provides a space for students to interact, do homework, and check out our wide selection of resources pertaining to various social identities.
  • Planning social and cultural events.
  • Providing support to multicultural student clubs & organizations.
  • Connecting students to resources on campus and in the community.
  • Serving as a liaison between students, faculty, and staff (student advocacy).
  • Campus Title IX officer for student related complaints.

In addition to these resources, we support our students with disabilities with the following:

  • Have access to educational programs and college courses.
  • Can obtain materials and publications in alternate formats.
  • Can utilize academic support and other services.
  • Can fully participate in college sponsored events and activities.

Commonly requested resources

Students often request these services:

  • Testing accommodations.
  • Note-taking services.
  • Sign Language interpreting services.
  • Materials in alternative formats.
  • Assistive technology.

Making access simple

The following are the steps to receiving accommodations:

  • Fill out the application and return it to either the Director of Accessibility and Inclusion or a counselor.
  • Meet with a counselor for an intake appointment.
  • If you have documentation of your disability, please provide it with your application or when you meet with a counselor.  If you do not have documentation, please complete the application and meet with a counselor anyway.
  • We will assist you in obtaining documentation if necessary.
  •  Receive a written response to your request which outlines the accommodations and resources available to you as a student of Inver Hills Community College.

Personal and confidential service

Specific accommodations for specific disabilities are discussed during a confidential intake with a counselor. We will obtain your permission before entering into discussions with parents, advocates, transition coordinators, rehabilitation services counselors, or other professionals. Most accommodations can be coordinated and provided in a confidential manner.

Quality improvement process 

You will receive a written response detailing the accommodations and services you can expect as a student of Inver Hills Community College. Throughout the year, we will contact you on a periodic basis in order to inquire if you are receiving quality service, to resolve problems, and to solicit suggestions as part of a continuous quality improvement process.


Inver Hills application and release forms
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MnSCU Policy Statement
Access for Individuals with Disabilities

Requests for disability accommodations from employees

Nella Austin
ADA Coordinator
Office: LA-215